2016-2018 Faculty in Residence 

The ACPA Graduate Students and New Professionals Community of Practice (GSNPCoP) invites two distinguished scholar to assist in the academic and professional development of the GSNPCoP membership. These faculty will be encouraged to utilize their research interests to create a plan outlining their joint contributions to support and develop GSNPCoP members. Collaboration and coordination between both Faculty-in-Residence (FiR) is highly crucial to the success of this initiative. Of the two FiR selected, one will serve in a two year term and the other will serve in a one year term.

The GSNPCoP Faculty-in-Residence Program is open to scholars who:

  • Have a strong commitment to the success of graduate students and new professionals in the field of student affairs and higher education.
  • Hold a Ph.D., or Ed.D.
  • Serve as a graduate faculty member or administrator in a student affairs or closely related program.
  • Hold current membership in ACPA and remain a member throughout one’s term.

The GSNPCoP provides its Faculty-in-Residence with the following benefits:

  • A forum to present their scholarly or creative work to the ACPA community.
  • Experience and supporting documents to add to one’s promotion and tenure dossier.
  • Letter of Support/Recommendation written by a GSNPCoP Directorate member to demonstrate your contributions to the field via FiR role (i.e. in support of: award nominations, promotion and tenure processes, etc.).
  • Recognition on ACPA website and in convention publications.
  • Funding will be provided to further research benefiting graduate students and new professionals in student affairs OR funding will be provided to subsidize the cost of attending one ACPA Convention.

The service of the GSNPCoP Faculty-in-Residence includes the following:

  • FiR serving in the two year term will be in residence from March 2016 - March 2018 (complete term at conclusion of 2018 ACPA Convention). FiR serving in the one year term will be in residence from March 2016 – March 2017 (complete term at conclusion of 2017 ACPA Convention).

  • Participate in regular conference calls with FiR Coordinator(s) and the GSNPCoP Directorate as needed.

  • Write at least two Research, Practice, or Thought articles each year (e.g. Developments, White Papers, etc.) with the GSNPCoP membership as the intended audience.

  • Submit a GSNPCoP sponsored program proposal for the annual Convention(s) you will attend during your term.

  • Serve as a judge annually in either the Virtual Case Study or Convention Case Study.

  • Participate in and attend GSNPCoP events and meetings at Convention(s) as desired by the Directorate (i.e. GSNPCoP open meeting, GSNPCoP social, etc.).

  • Lead at least two webinars, conference calls, or other technologically interactive discussions per year related to personal area of scholarship and/or practice discussing issues related to graduate students or new professionals.

  • Develop at least one ongoing initiative with your co-FiR to serve as an expert resource for GSNPCoP membership seeking advice and/or feedback on issues facing graduate students or new professionals.

  • Mentor a GSNPCoP Research Team of graduate students and new professionals through either the process of developing scholarly research or through the process of publication. This is a new initiative currently in development for the GSNPCoP that the FiR will assist in its development.

  • All responsibilities will be adapted to fit the academic interests of the two faculty selected.

GSNPCoP Faculty-in-Residence applicants must submit the following application materials:
1. A cover letter that address the following:

  • Why are you interested in serving the GSNPCoP as a Faculty-in-Residence?

  • One objective of the Faculty-in-Residence program is to mentor and create professional development opportunities that address the needs of ACPA graduate students and new professionals. Please describe 1-2 activities that you would plan to fulfill through the Faculty-in-Residence role.

  • Describe ways in which your past, current, or upcoming research or publication projects would benefit the professional development of our members in alignment with the ACPA/NASPA professional competencies. If applicable, you may also describe ways you would consider involving GSNPCoP members in upcoming research or publication projects to enhance their professional development.

  • Share ways in which you would seek to partner with your co-FiR to contribute to the GSNPCoP membership.

2. A current curriculum vitae
3. Contact information for a graduate student or new professional reference whom you taught or had significant academic or developmental interactions with.

All application materials must be submitted here: bit.ly/FIR2016
Deadline for applications is 3/14/2016.

Two year term FiR: Attendance at 2017 & 2018 Convention required.
One year term FiR: Attendance at 2017 Convention required.