Debora L. Liddell, Editor

Debora Liddell is professor and chair of the Department of Educational Policy and Leadership Studies at the University of Iowa.  Her research interests include college students’ moral and ethical reasoning, and professional practice and preparation of higher education professionals.  Professor Liddell served on the ACPA Governing Board as Director of Research & Scholarship, Commission for Professional Preparation Chairperson, JCSD Editorial Board, and Contributing Editor of the Journal of College and Character.  She serves as a current Senior Scholar.  

Dafina-Lazarus Stewart, Senior Associate Editor

Dafina-Lazarus (D-L) Stewart is professor of higher education and student affairs and program coordinator of the higher education administration doctoral program at Bowling Green State University (BGSU). Dr. Stewart earned both zir doctorate in higher education administration and master’s in higher education and student affairs from The Ohio State University.  A former ACPA Emerging Scholar, Dr. Stewart’s research and teaching focus on the experiences of students of color in higher education environments; effect of student affairs educational programming and co-curricular experiences on persistence and graduation for students of color; identity intersectionality; spiritual development, religious and secular pluralism and interfaith cooperation in higher education. Dr. Stewart is currently working to complete an oral history of Black college students attending small, private, liberal arts colleges in the central Great Lakes region between 1945 and 1965.

Jan L. Arminio, Associate Co-Editor for Research-in-Brief and On Campus

Jan Arminio is professor and program director of the Higher Education Program at George Mason University.  Dr. Arminio’s scholarship focuses on multicultural issues, qualitative research, assessment, and campus programs and leadership. Her most recent book is Student Veterans in Higher Education. She is the 2011 recipient of the Robert H. Shaffer award for excellence in graduate teaching.  She served as chair in the Department of Counseling and College Student Personnel at Shippensburg University.   Dr. Arminio received her doctorate in College Student Personnel Program at the University of Maryland, College Park.  From 2004-2008, she served as President of the Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education (CAS). She is a former ACPA Senior Scholar.

Robert Reason, Associate Co-Editor for Research-in-Brief and On Campus

Robert Reason is a professor in the Student Affairs and Higher Education Program in the School of Education. Dr. Reason’s recent work around issues of civic learning is part of a broader interest, and scholarly history, in the influence of institutional policies affect learning environments for students. Dr. Reason has completed several studies of first-year student learning outcomes and is a noted expert on issues of student persistence in college.  Before returning to his doctoral alma mater, Dr. Reason was a faculty member and Senior Research Associate at Penn State University's Center for the Study of Higher Education. He serves as a current ACPA Senior Scholar.

Tricia Seifert, Associate Editor for International Research and Scholarship

Tricia Seifert is associate professor in the Adult & Higher Education program at Montana State University and Head of the Department of Education. She also maintains an appointment in the leadership, higher and Adult Education department at the University of Toronto. Using a mixed methodological approaches, she examines organizational cultures and conditions as well as student experiences associated with postsecondary learning and success. She has served as Faculty in Residence for ACPA’s Commission for Global Dimensions of Student Development. Dr. Seifert was named an ACPA Emerging Scholar in 2010. 

Maureen E. Wilson, Associate Editor of Book Reviews

Dr. Wilson is professor and chair of the Department of Higher Education and Student Affairs at Bowling Green State University in Ohio. Her scholarly interests include professional identity and professional socialization, normative structures and behavioral norms in professional practice, professional preparation, student development theory, and administrative practice.  Dr. Wilson employs both qualitative and quantitative methods in her scholarship.  She was an ACPA Emerging Scholar.