The Spring 2019 mentoring program cycle accepted mentor and mentee applications through February 12. Mentors and Mentees will receive an introduction letter with paring information and mentoring tips, during the week of February 18.

If you have any questions about our Mentoring Program, please contact the program coordinator, Eileen Buecher (

ACPA Commission for Career Services - Mentoring Program 2017-2018 Annual Fact Sheet:

Infographic for 2017-2017 Mentorship Program. Details of infographic provided immediately after image.

The infographic pictured above displays the following information regarding the Mentorship Program for 2017-2018:

  • 38 individuals participated in the program
    • 54% of participants were mentees
    • 46% of participants were mentors
  • The average years of experience in Student Affairs for mentors was 14.2 years
  • The average years of experience in Student Affairs for mentees was 4.1 years
  • Participants expressed that their preferred methods of communication were:
    • phone (23%)
    • e-mail (23%)
    • in-person (16%)
    • Skype (14%)
    • LinkedIn (11%)
    • Zoom (7%)
    • Facebook (6%)