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The ACPA Mid-Level Community of Practice (ML COP) focuses first and foremost on the needs of mid-level professionals.  Recognizing that many definitions or conceptualizations exist, we define mid-level as more than five years of fulltime experience and not a senior professionals.  More than anything else though, it is a feeling one has when they no longer feel like a new professional, but are not in an SSAO role.  

For some professionals, mid-level is a position at which they wish to remain for their professional careers. The reasons for doing so are as unique as the individual themselves and may encompass not only professional concerns but personal concerns as well. Likewise, some professionals see the mid-level as a stepping-stone to senior level opportunities. The ACPA ML COP offers involvement opportunities for this broad range of needs.

To join the ML-COP

  • You must be an ACPA member to join the Mid-Level Community of Practice. To join ACPA, click “Join ACPA” on the left side of your screen.
  • If you are already an ACPA member, click on “Member Profile” at the top right of this screen.
    • Log onto your ACPA Member Profile. 
    • Then click on “My Involvement.”
    • Then click on “Get More Involved”
    • Select Mid-Level Community of Practice.

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