2019-20 PAN Chair: Monique C. Atherley

“You are someone’s ancestor – live and teach accordingly” – Dr. Chris Edmin 

My Dearest PAN,

I am often in such overwhelm at your talent, your passion, your willingness, and your courage. Since 2016, this space has made me more passionate about the work done in our dear Association, more cognizant of how this work is carried out in our profession, and more purposeful with who I am in and of this work. My continual hope is that as we build our community and lead in our respective contexts; PAN will pour into you, revitalize and encourage you, and continue to be an active part of who you are.

In 2020, we will be preparing to be NEXT UP (Navigating Education eXceptionally Tactfully coUrageously and Powerfully). Most recently in PAN, we have experienced increased interest in understanding the relationship of PAN to ACPA’s larger work and finding ways how folx can get involved in expanding work toward our mission and values. This input has come from membership; as well as board members who hope to include folx but may not have had the capacity to do so. Additionally, another prevalent point that emerged in recent conversation was how we can bridge the gap in PAN so that folx at various career levels and seasons in life can feel like they have a part in our community.

In response:

NEXTUP challenges us to do the work necessary to build the bridges, pipelines, and resources that will be supportive to activating and maintaining strategic cross-generational and cross-career level partnerships.

NEXTUP challenges us to assess who we are, where we are, how we are, and what we would like our next steps to look like; as we note that every individual trajectory has a different path and our membership reflects folx who aim to grow upward, as well as those who aim to grow deeper in their expertise and skillsets.

NEXTUP challenges us to consider positioning and power; and examine what we need and how can we be properly positioned to leverage what we have attained to make the impact we were destined for.

NEXTUP challenges us to not take for granted the accesses afforded to us and return on investment by continuing to knock down barriers for those coming behind us.

Across numerous professional fields, we are watching professionals in our community take our Ancestors hopes and dreams to heights they could have never imagined. In Higher Education and beyond – Let’s formalize our leveling up and be the example of what building a framework to ensure our longevity looks like.

I cannot say it enough – Thank you for who you are. And thank you for coming to this space as. you. are. I value that you come to this space as your full self – ready to learn, serve, and be community – whether you fully have it in you or not; and that is courageous.

You all make me better as a leader. I look forward to meeting you. I look forward to engaging with you. And I thank you in advance for your partnership in making this a great year in PAN.


Yours In Service,

Monique C. Atherley

2019-2020 Chairperson

ACPA Pan African Network