PAN Initiatives and Projects 

The Pan African Network is gearing up for an exciting year of action and opportunities as we work to reinvent ourselves as professionals, educators, and allies.  Currently, we welcome proposals for collaboration, as we are invested in building upon our relationships and contributing to the betterment of best practices.
- Foundations Mentoring Foundations Mentoring Survey 
- Support of the Erica Holloman Foundation 
- The preparation for our 2014 - 2015 PAN Webinars is underway. Check back soon to view the schedule. If you are interested in sponsoring a webinar, feel free to contact one of the following representatives: Jonathan A. McElderry or Tonisha Lane

Opportunities to Make a Difference

PAN Awards 
PAN seeks your nominations for professionals, institutions, and initiatives that advance dialogue on Pan African issues on college campuses. Please visit our PAN Awards link or Facebook page for more information.
ACPA Commission/Committee Program
Each year, PAN solicits the assistance of the PAN General Membership to represent PAN at other Commission and Committee meetings and events during the ACPA Convention.  If you are motivated, enthusiastic, and committed to PAN, but don’t necessarily have the time to serve in an official capacity on the PAN Directorate, this opportunity may be for you!
Planning for ACPA Convention
Join the PAN Directorate in planning discussions, meet-ups, and socials at ACPA 2015 in Tampa! For an updated listing of regional socials, be sure to visit the PAN Facebook page frequently.
Social Justice, Equity, & Current Events Task Force
PAN has an extensive history for being an activist and service-oriented group within ACPA.  As we continue to engage in dialogue surrounding current events and their influences on individuals of Pan African descent on college campuses, we invite you to consider joining our Research & Scholarship ad hoc task force on Social Justice, Equity, and Current Events.  In addition to writing position papers and scholarly articles, this group is responsible for developing attainable, cutting-edge solutions to complex issues in the academe.
Additional Pan African Initiatives
If you have other ideas for how to support students and professionals of PAN African descent, or if you would like to contribute additional resources, please feel free to contact us!
Have an idea? Contact Jonathan and we’ll work together to make it happen!