Internal Publications

ACPA is committed to publishing materials that are of timely assistance to student affairs practitioners in specific functional areas or topics of concern. ACPA Internal Publications reviews publication proposals for thought papers, guidance for good practice, handbooks for functional areas, and other guidebooks of demonstrated interest to student affairs practitioners.

ACPA Internal Publications welcomes submissions from authors who desire to develop a work to be issued by a national professional association with international interests. Many Internal Publications are the work of small groups of authors such as members of a commission or standing committee directorate or other entity (such as a state division) of ACPA.

Internal Publications is especially interested in materials that will be of immediate and continuing use to the practitioner, whether that practitioner is solely in student affairs or also in areas in which student affairs often has collaborative relationships such as academic affairs.

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Books and Media (BAM)

ACPA publishes books on theoretical and administrative issues in student affairs and college student learning. ACPA books are widely read within higher education, including graduate preparation programs.

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Stylus Publishing. Receive a 20% discount. Code: ACPA14. You may call 1.800.232.0223.

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Journals in the Field of Higher Education: A Racial Analysis

Donald Mitchell, Jr., Ph.D. recently conducted a study surveying race and its inclusion in journals in the field of higher education (over a three year period) and JCSD ranked as the most inclusive. Abstract: Too often, scholarship regarding the concept of race in the United States is absent from top-tier journals across fields. Yet, at some institutions, faculty, including scholars who explore race, are required to publish in top-tier journals to secure tenure. This article highlights the extent to which journals—of all tiers—within the field of higher education publish articles explicitly highlighting race in the study.

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