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The Mission of the ACPA Publications Board

ACPA is committed to:

  • Publication of books, thought and best practice papers, monographs, handbooks, and manuals that inform and benefit professionals in student learning and development
  • Production of these works in formats and on dissemination platforms optimized for highly creative 21st century educational communication - in order to increase publishing opportunities, accessibility and affordability for members.

Since the early 1960s, the predecessor Books and Media Board has nurtured the development and publication of original content by authors with broad appeal to an interdisciplinary audience of researchers, scholars, and practitioners in the field of student affairs as well as the broader context of higher education.  Publication themes ranged from history and systems, to theory, to practice applications. 

The ACPA Publications Board serves as the clearinghouse and review source for the following publication types:

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ACPA Writes

Additionally, the ACPA Publications Board hosts a variety of workshops and professional development opportunities for ACPA members interested in further developing their scholarship through mentoring, feedback, writing strategies, and accountability.  The Writing Support Opportunities are coordinated by Dr. Leah Howell and include the following for Spring Semester 2018.

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Stylus Publishing. Receive a 20% discount. Code: ACPA14. You may call 1.800.232.0223.

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Journals in the Field of Higher Education: A Racial Analysis

Donald Mitchell, Jr., Ph.D. recently conducted a study surveying race and its inclusion in journals in the field of higher education (over a three year period) and JCSD ranked as the most inclusive. Abstract: Too often, scholarship regarding the concept of race in the United States is absent from top-tier journals across fields. Yet, at some institutions, faculty, including scholars who explore race, are required to publish in top-tier journals to secure tenure. This article highlights the extent to which journals—of all tiers—within the field of higher education publish articles explicitly highlighting race in the study.

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