In every moment, we know that members of the Pan African community continue to be trailblazers on their campus, leaders in their communities, and are committed to champion issues and advocate the needs of the Pan African culture. For all they do, we want to acknowledge them, and let them know that


Since 2017, our Sawubona Awards Series has recognized the work of individuals of African heritage in across various roles within higher education throughout the academic year. Sawubona is a Zulu greeting that in translation means "I/We see you." Sawubona is acknowledgement of one another's existence, and that we witness and understand their presence.

Nomination Criterion:

  • Any member of ACPA-College Student Educators International can be nominated for PAN awards.

  • The Nominator is not required to be a member of ACPA in order to submit a nomination.

Sawubona Awards Category Description:

  • Civic Engagement and Service Initiatives – Service is the act of helping or doing work for someone else. PAN is committed to championing for issues and advocating for the needs of the Pan African culture. This category intends to recognize strong examples efforts that have led to promotion and awareness of issues affecting the Pan African community.

  • Advocacy – Advocacy seeks to provide voice to those who are typically most vulnerable in our society, and provide space and resources for members of these communities to excel in our society. This category intends to recognize those who work diligently to illuminate concerns that are overlooked, and/or champion for issues that create barriers for marginalized populations.

  • Programming – Programming is often the medium in which student affairs and higher education professionals are able to create impactful initiatives to cater to the needs of their campus communities and surrounding areas. This category intends to recognize those who create and/or facilitate impactful and intentional initiatives that highlight and/or mirror the core values of the Pan African Network (Educational Leadership, Collaboration, Fellowship, Advocacy, Professional Development, and Mentoring).

  • Campus Partnership and Collaboration – Collaboration and partnership allow individuals to work collectively, bringing various talents and gifts to accomplish a common goal. This category intends to recognize strong examples collaborative efforts that have led to support and growth on a campus community.

  • Leadership – Leadership is the act of defining and exhibiting desirable moral and ethical behaviors, and being a model for those who seek to follow. Transformational leaders are agents of change who do not shy away from intentionally supporting and cultivating specialized initiatives, such as creating environments conducive to professional and para-professional staff growth. This category intends to recognize those who increase leadership opportunities and professional development within the organization and the field of higher education.

  • Research and Scholarship – Scholarly literature often influences our work and helps us to decide how to deliver programs and services to the areas and communities for which we have responsibility. With that, this category intends to acknowledge those who advance scholarship and careers in Higher Education/Student Affairs and conduct research regarding trends.

Join us in celebrating our 2019 Sawubona Award Recipients