Welcome to the Coalition for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Awareness, also known as CLGBTA! The Coalition for LGBT Awareness was founded in 1985 as part of ACPA in order to give voice to LGBT professionals and students in the field of Student Affairs. Over time, our coalition and community have evolved progressively with the field of Student Affairs. Today the LGBT community has grown into a visible and active part of the Association as we continually advocate for LGBT awareness. 

The purpose of our coalition is expressed through our foundational commitments: to increase awareness, eliminate oppression, and provide support for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community in higher education, for faculty, students, and staff. We strive to further professional competencies related to topics as campus climate, equity, identity development, and program development for the LGBT community. 

The Coalition for LGBT Awareness operates with the following core values: 

Education- raising awareness and supporting research about identity development and hot topic issues for the LGBT community within higher education

Advocacy- work to create inclusive, equitable environments, to eliminate oppression and to influence student affairs policy for the LGBT community

Networking- providing space and a support environment for LGBT professionals to affirm and celebrate identity

Going forward, the Coalition for LGBT Awareness will continue to be a known presence in ACPA and Student Affairs. We will continue to serve as a strong entity, supporting LGBT professionals. CLGBTA places at the forefront of our vision a pursuit of social justice awareness and advocacy at our institutions. As Chair, I have a strong commitment to ensure our Association is serving the LGBT student and professional populations and I will remain vigilant in this task. Our future is rich with opportunities to continue forging a path for LGBT development in our field.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with your thoughts, ideas, vision or needs as to how CLGBTA can best serve you. We look forward to hearing about your thoughts and suggestions! Also, please consider one of our many volunteer opportunities with CLGBTA. Together we can make an impact. 

Thank you for your commitment to our goals and involvement in the Association.

Danielle Nied

Danielle M. Nied

Chair, Coalition for LGBT Awareness