Asian Pacific American Network

The Asian Pacific American Network (APAN) is dedicated to addressing the concerns and issues of the Asian Pacific Islander Desi American (APIDA) faculty, staff, and students in higher education. Our purpose is to provide community, professional development, networking, and affirmation of identity for APIDA professionals. APAN represents APIDA issues and advocates for programs, services, research, and actions within the leadership of the Coalition for Multicultural Affairs and ACPA: College Student Educators International.

Goals for 2016-2017

The APAN Leadership Team has identified the following three goals for the 2016-2017 academic year:

  • Deepen engagement and connections within APAN membership and community. One of the greatest strengths of APAN has been the relationships and community that is created within our membership. We want to further invest in this by creating more opportunities for our members to connect and engage with each other, including Google Hangouts, the launch of a new blog, online resource sharing and dialogues, the return of our mentoring program, and local/regional socials.
  • Increase visibility of APAN within and beyond ACPA. We want to leverage the collective voice within our community to increase the visibility of APAN among the general ACPA membership, as well as within other higher education circles and APIDA professional/community networks. Whether drafting statements, writing open letters, or blogging about current issues/topics concerning APIDA students and professionals, we hope to see APAN become a source of knowledge and advocacy for the field.
  • Strengthen relationships with external entities. As we all know, ACPA is just one of many entities within the higher education sphere. In the spirit of solidarity and allyship, we hope to cultivate stronger relationships with other networks, committees, community groups, and organizations that address issues of race, identity, community, and justice.

Contact Us

For more information, or to get involved, contact APAN Co-Chairs Jacqueline Mac Fallon ( and Vigor Lam (

APAN Response to Pew Research Center’s Report, “The Rise of Asian Americans”