ACPA Ambassadors

Ambassadors are Graduate Students and New Professionals working on campuses across the country to create networking opportunities and expand the knowledge of ACPA.  They are the lifeline connecting their institution to ACPA and other institutions across the country.  Ambassadors utilize social media such as Facebook and Twitter to get the word out about opportunities within ACPA as well as create connections with people across the country. Ambassadors build and maintain a community within ACPA that focuses on innovative ideas and knowledge sharing. In addition to all that, Ambassadors have many opportunities to get connected with other committees and commissions, contribute to ACPA publications, maintain a presence within the Coalition for Graduate Students and New Professionals, and host networking events in their regions.

To learn more about being an Ambassador, review our 2015-2016 Expectations Checklist

Our Ambassadors

Currently, the Ambassadors are a group of both graduate students and new professionals, representing 38 different institutions from across the country and divided into five regional clusters!  Please help us in congratulating the members of the latest Ambassador cohort listed below, as we look forward to the new ideas and innovative programs they will bring to help us further the work of ACPA and the Coalition for Graduate Students and New Professionals!

Elijah Williams Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
Kaila Messerli Southern Illinois University Carbondale
Dallas Doane University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Cameron Carrara Currently job searching
Aeryel Williams Dillard University
Ashley Wolfe Western Illinois University (Quad Cities)
Angelique Singh USC
Danielle Palomo University of North Texas
Rachael Blansett Iowa State University
Brock Cavett The University of Iowa
Tyler Block University of Oklahoma
Nicolle Merkel Bowling Green State University
Richard Goodman Shepherd University
Cait Williams Elon University & University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Erin Hill University of Pittsburgh
Joshua Phillip Rutgers University
Nicholas Jones Slippery Rock University
Emily Paetz Virginia Tech
Ashley Gei Bluegrass Community and Technical College
Victoria Dean Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Taylor Henkel University of Virginia
Ann Tager Slippery Rock University
Laurie Shorts Edinboro University of Pennsylvania
Raven Cokley University of Georgia
Trianne Smith Clemson University
Alexandria Maurizzio Shippensburg University
Joshua Guffey Florida State University
Lauren Wendling Indiana University
William Spear Rutgers University
Meenakshi Elango Marshall University
Michelle Ward Salem College
Rayven Moody Fairleigh Dickinson University - Metropolitan Campus
Laura Putwen Nothern Michigan University
Patricia (Gabby) Dixon Slippery Rock University
La'Mon Johnson N/A
Sonce Reese University of Baltimore
Alli Lake University of Louisville
Jeremy L. Rogers George Mason University
Lauren Mingo Western Michigan University
Ashley Reese Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Alexa Lindahl California Polytechnic State University- San Luis Obispo
Serina Bravo University of Southern California
Kayla Hoye Southern Illinois University- Carbondale
Roxanne Verrelli University of North Texas
Sarah Wever University of Alabama
Liza Hurley University of Iowa
Samantha Pikala University of Oklahoma
Kassi Woods University of Nebraska Lincoln
Brandon Johnson Iowa State University
Cindy Huerta San Diego State University
Jess Shapiro Bowling Green State University
Jordan Burkhart Iowa State University
Kevin Wright Lewis & Clark College
Taylor Bailey Northern Arizona University
Mel Molsberry University of Oklahoma
Jacob Bates University of North Texas
Iris (Mengya) Cao University of California, Los Angeles
Luis R. Cervantes Cal State University Northridge
Paula Hoang University of San Diego
Hannah McCurdy San Diego State University
Ja'lessa Morris University of West Georgia
Tameka Bazile Rutgers University-New Brunswick
Joseph Grande SUNY Buffalo State
Demeturie Gogue The University of Vermont
Jordan Thompson Salem State University
Nasir Ahmad Kaihan Western Michigan University
Thomas Severin Binghamton University
Hailey Holke Bowling Green State University
Melissa Sheil Boston College
Keith Garcia University of Minnesota
Ana Castillo-Nye Drexel University
Lauren Jordan Lawrence Tech University
Eric Kang University of California, Los Angeles
Kyle Bianchini University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC)
Meredith Keating Reinhardt University
Matthew Miles University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Mary Schad Le Moyne College
Caitlin Lindsay Gettysburg College
Scott Sheehan SUNY Oswego
Myles Clendenin SUNY Oswego
Angie Loggains Wake Technical Community College
Fred Dillard Texas State University
Zack Rubinstein Michigan Technological University
Jayson Douglas Marietta College/ University of Central Florida
Nicole Johnson Eastern Michigan University
Jacqui Rogers Wesley College
Thomas (Robbie) Chulick Le Moyne College
Rasha Cheek Florida A&M University
Elizabeth Charnell Salem College
Jasmyne Channel Ohio University
Sarah Oldham Teachers College and Columbia University
Maira Uzair University of Massachusetts, Amhers
Emily Daiell Hofstra University
Shawn McCabe The University of Rhode Island
Abby Hellauer Rutgers
Mary Maroney Boston College
Donovan Riley Bowling Green State University
Stephanie Blair University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Wayne Glass Macalester College
Tyeesha "Tye" Wesley Minnesota State University, Mankato
Andrew Herridge Texas Tech University
KRITI GOPAL University of Central Missouri
Brianna Santana University of North Texas
Ryan Miller The University of Iowa
Chelsea Smith Iowa State University
Hannah White Bowling Green State University
Fiorella Morales San Diego State & University of San Diego
Laura Novotny Bowling Green State University
Natalie Singer Indiana State University
Jacob Murphy University of Colorado - Colorado Springs
Jill Swanson Kent State University
Janelle Morris Young Harris College
James Alford Northern Illinois University
Alexis Lubbers Texas State University
Jenny Evans University of Kentucky
Grace Lopez University of North Texas
Dominique Kincaid University of Iowa
Christiana Akins Florida State University
Chelsea Sheridan University of Mississippi
Kat Stephens-Mothudi Teachers College, Columbia University
Juan Robles University of Arkansas
Cherry Lim Boston College
Kelly Brower Virginia Tech
Ali Raza Colorado State University
Irae Yoo University of North Texas

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