The primary goal of the MultiRacial Network (MRN) is to raise consciousness and awareness of multiracial issues in higher education

The Multiracial Network (MRN), one of five networks within the Coalition for Multicultural Affairs, strives to help create and foster inclusive spaces within ACPA and postsecondary education with and for students, staff, and professionals who identify as multiracial, multiethnic, transracial adoptees, and with fluid racial identities. This will be accomplished  through developing intentional educational initiatives, engaging in critical dialogue and community building, and supporting institutional change through advocacy on our campuses and within the larger ACPA organization. The Multiracial Network seeks to be inclusive and welcomes everyone who is interested in advancing MRN goals.

Victoria Malaney Multiracial Network Chair University of Massachusetts Amherst

James Engler Multiracial Network Past Chair UC San Diego 

Rachel Luna Multiracial Network Past Chair Samuel Merritt University

Rob Kunicki Awards Coordinator Baruch College-CUNY

Laura Carroll Social Chair University of Pittsburgh

Michael Dixon MRN Liaison  Manchester University

Annette Girion Scholarship & Resources Coordinator Claremont Graduate University   Kelli Campa Social Media Coordinator SUNY Binghamton   Beth John MRN Advisory Board University of Wisconsin-Whitewater