2018 ACPA Coalition for Women's Identities Award Winners

The ACPA Coalition for Women's Identities would like to recognize our 2018 Award Winners.  Thank you to all of those who participated in our 2017-8 Award Nomination process, and congratulations to those who were recognized by their colleagues for their contributions to the spectrum of woman or female identified people in higher education and student affairs!

The Winners of the 2018 ACPA Coalition for Women's Identities Awards are listed below.  Please join us in recognizing them for their hard work and dedication to the spectrum of woman or female identified people in our field!

Outstanding Emerging Professional: 

Breanna Faris
Assistant Director, American Indian Student Life, University of Oklahoma

Briana Ferris


Research & Scholarship Award:

Dr. Chayla Haynes Davison
Assistant Professor, Educational Administration & Human Resource, Texas A&M
Chayla Hayes Davis
Dr. Lori Patton Davis
Professor, Higher Education & Student Affairs, IUPUI
Lori Patton Davis
Dr. Natasha Croom
Assistant Professor of Higher Education & Student Affairs, Clemson

Natasha Croom

Wisdom Award: 

Patricia Schwery Smith
Interim Director, VT Engage, Virginia Tech

Patricia Smith

Jodie Castanza Outstanding Service Award: 

Brandi Douglas
Directorate Member
Assistant Director, Office of Institutional Diversity, Oregon State University
Brandi Douglas
Atiya McGhee
Directorate Member
Senior Area Coordinator for Multicultural and Identity-Based Communities, Oberlin College
Atiya McGee

ACPA Coalition for Women's Identities Awards Descriptions

Outstanding Emerging Professional
The recipient will be selected based on their recognized potential to be a successful Student Affairs professional.   This individual will have made contributions that have positively impacted their respective departments or institutions.  Contributions made include but are not limited to the following areas: programming experience, leadership, community development, publications, presentations, community service and/or support for the educational environment on their campus.  Nominees for this award have worked in the student affairs profession or attended graduate school for three or fewer years and must be members of ACPA. 

Mid-Level Professional Award
The recipient will be selected based on their demonstrated expertise in creating an environment that promotes the Core Values of the Coalition for Women's Identities (CWI) including Advocacy & Activism, Engaging Community, and Scholarship. Outstanding individual contribution in innovative and responsive services and programs that address varied and emerging needs of students, professionals, and the community is highly valued. The recipient must have made contributions to the profession, ACPA, and/or the CWI by means of publication, presentation, program design, or mentorship. In order to be considered for this award, individuals must have at least five years as a full-time practitioner at an institution of higher education and must be a current member of ACPA.

Research and Scholarship Award
The recipient will be selected based on a review of research and scholarly activity.  Preference will be given to topics relevant to women and gender identity in Student Affairs.  Work may include publications, research, and curriculum or program development.   For consideration, nominees must submit a one-page abstract of the research or scholarship. Nominees for this award must be members of ACPA.  

Wisdom Award
Formerly named the Wise Woman Award, this award was renamed to reflect the mission of CWI. The recipient will be selected based on the history of their contributions towards woman or female identified individuals in student affairs and on their efforts to promote the professional and personal development of woman or female identified individuals   Contributions may be made in the areas of programming, engaging in the socialization of woman or female identified individuals, scholarship, publications, mentoring other woman or female identified professionals, and the provision of visionary leadership in the advancement of woman or female identified professionals in student affairs.  Nominees for this award must have worked in the higher education profession for at least ten years. Nominees for this award must also be members of ACPA.  

Jodie Castanza Outstanding Service Award (given by Chair)
The Chair will recognize contributions above and beyond the general reasonability’s of a directorate member.  Alumnae members will have contributed to the development of the committee through continued, service, guidance, and support. The recipient (s) will be selected based on efforts to promote the advancement of programs and services offered by the Coalition for Women's Identities.

Past Recipients:

2017 Awards 
Outstanding Emerging Professional - Quincy Kissack
Mid-level Professional Award - Heather Lou
Research and Scholarship Award -  Dr. Kirsten T. Edwards
Wisdom Award - Dr. Tamara Yakaboski
Jodie Castanza Oustanding Service Award - Erin Simpson

2015 Awards 
Outstanding Emerging Professional - Brittany Williams
Research and Scholarship Award -  Dr. Christa Porter 
Wise Woman Award - Dr. Penny Pasque, Dr. Hind Marie
Jodie Castanza Oustanding Service Award - Jennifer Ferrell

2013 Awards
Outstanding Emerging Professional - Cassandra Nice
Research and Scholarship Award -  Mollie Monahan-Kreishman
Wise Woman Award - Katrina Rodriguez
Oustanding Service Award - Lissa Stapleton

2012 Awards
Outstanding Emerging Professional - Christine Hernandez
Research and Scholarship Award - Lee Hawthorne
Wise Woman Award - Jodie Castanza
Oustanding Service Award - Daria Graham

2011 Awards
Outstanding Emerging Professional - Amanda Roder
Research and Scholarship Award - Susan V. Iverson & Sally Sagen Lorentson
Wise Woman Award - Ruth Anne Koenick
Outstanding Service to the Standing Committee for Women - Melanie Lawson

2010 Awards
Outstanding Emerging Professional - Carolyn (Carrie) Priddy DuPre
Research and Scholarship Award - Dr. Racheal Stimpson
Ally Award - Dr. Hind Mari
Wise Woman Award - Florence Guido
Outstanding Service to the Standing Committee for Women - Molly Springer

2008 Awards
Wise Woman - Maribeth Overland
Research and Scholarship Award - Dr. Patricia Somers
Outstanding Emerging Professional Woman - Diana Richter
Outstanding Service to the Standing Committee for Women - Penny Pasque
Ally Award - Yvette Upton

2007 Awards
Wise Woman - Mary Howard-Hamilton
Outstanding Service Toward Development of Women – Darlene Biggers
Research and Scholarship Award - LaTayna M. Purnell
Outstanding Emerging Professional Woman – Janesha Penn

2006 Awards
Wise Woman – Susan R. Jones
Outstanding Service Toward Development of Women – Amber Garrison
Research and Scholarship Award – Penny Pasque
Outstanding Emerging Professional Woman – Ann Marie Klotz

2005 Awards
Wise Woman – Vasti Torres
Outstanding Service Toward Development of Women – Deborah Casey
Research and Scholarship Award – Gayle Hartleroad
Outstanding Emerging Professional Woman – Brigette Marty

2004 Awards
Wise Woman – Patricia M. King
Outstanding Service Toward the Development of Women – Jane Fried
Research and Scholarship Award – Jane Rosser
Outstanding Emerging Professional Woman – Gina L. Hurny

Empower Fellowship Recipients

2017-2018 Recipient: Michelle MacLeod, New York University

EmpowHer Fellowship Recipients
2013-2014 Recipient: Kate Curley, Pennsylvania State University
2012-2013 Recipient: Hannah Retzkin, Loyola University Chicago
2011-2012 Recipient: Kayti Protos, Vanderbilt, Cassandra Aman (Nice), Canisius College
2010-2011 Recipient: Mari Knuth, Bowling Green State University and Selyna Perez, Rochester Institute of Technology
2009-2010 Recipient: Mireya Moreno, California State University at Northridge
2008-2009 Recipient: Robyn Kaplan, University of Connecticut
2007-2008 Recipient: Sarah Hoffert, University of Vermont
2006-2007 Recipient: Tiffany Davis, Bowling Green State University
2005-2006 Recipient: Brooke Smith, Shippensburg University
2004-2005 Recipient: Colleen Yout, The George Washington University
2003-2004 Recipient: Heather Kind-Keppel, University of Missouri
2002-2003 Recipient: Rosemary Perez, University of San Francisco