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December Washington Update

Congress ended its business for the year last Friday (December 19 th ) with Democrats and Republicans battling over procedural rules for confirming President Obama’s nominees. In a series of largely party-line votes, the Senate approved the confirmations of a deputy to the Department of Homeland Security, a federal district judge and a commissioner to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The...
Washington DC Skyline

U.S. Capitol Hill Update

The Current State of Play in Washington: After yet another tragedy this week with the mass shooting at the Navy Yard, Congress is back to work. We would like to ensure we recognize those who lost their lives in this tragic event. The families impacted from lost lives were not just military families but civilians who worked as contractors in an environment where they felt they were safe and...

July Washington Update

With the doubling of interest rates on new student loans as of July 1, the House of Representatives passed a bill before the July 4th recess that would shift the student loan interest rates to be tied to the Treasury Bond rates as opposed to Congress setting it on a yearly basis. The Senate has been in tough negotiations on their version of the bill, which would extend the current rates for one...

June Washington Update

The U.S. Congress is in full negotiation mode in working with several issues, Financial Aid Interest Rates, Immigration and fall out from U.S. Supreme Court rulings. Please know these items change daily and more will happen as we close in on recess for July 4th. View a complete list of the updates here (PDF).