Syllabus Clearinghouse The syllabus clearinghouse provides an open access resource for faculty looking to develop courses and/or improve a current course structure. The syllabi provided in the clearinghouse have been provided with the permission of the faculty member to be shared on this site as a resource. Proper citation of material from the clearinghouse

By downloading this syllabus or instructional activity, you agree to cite the author should you utilize or adapt any assignments, readings, or activities for your own use.  Appropriate citation should include the author/instructor’s name, institutional affiliation, title of work, and reference to the ACPA syllabus/activity clearinghouse.  An example appears below.  

Adapted From [or Taken From] Instructor Last name, X. X.  (Date, term). [Course number and Syllabus title, University name and location.] Retrieved from ACPA Syllabus Clearinghouse, Washington, DC.  

Syllabus Clearinghouse - ACPA MyPROfolio

Faculty can access the syllabus clearinghouse through the ACPA MyPROfolio platform. The Syllabus Clearinghouse is an open source resource. Not all content in MyPROfolio is open to non-members. Instructions for accessing the clearinghouse:

1)      Go to:  (If asked for a user name or password, click [log in as guest])

            NOTE: Your MyACPA login information will not work on the site.

2)      Click on Syllabus Clearinghouse

3)      Click on Syllabus Clearinghouse next to the box icon

4)     Syllabi are organized in topical folders

Contributing to the Clearinghouse

Please assist the Commission for Professional Preparation in developing this resource by submitting your own syllabi. To add syllabi to this resource, please email a PDF copy to


Video Resources - Higher Ed Student Affairs Live

In addition to syllabi, YouTube video links are available within the clearinghouse as a resource for faculty to include within their courses. 

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