The Presidential Task Force on Sexual Violence in Higher Education will make recommendations to the ACPA Governing Board about the Association's critical role in responding to issues of sexual assault on college campuses. More specifically, the task force will:  

  • evaluate existing efforts of ACPA constituency groups to identify areas for new focus and opportunity,
  • recommend organizational structure(s) in ACPA that ensure a welcoming and productive home for higher education professionals working to effectively address sexual assault issues on college campuses,  
  • define ACPA’s role in addressing sexual assault on college campuses, including providing resources that include cutting edge scholarship and research-informed best practices,
  • identify new ideas and resources for ACPA members engaged in this work utilizing models congruent with ACPA’s commitment to social justice and the elimination of oppression and the root causes of violence, and
  • recommend strategies to create networks and communities for sharing best practices, disseminating knowledge, and fostering collaborations on campus sexual assault.


Relationship to ACPA’s Mission: Persistent high rates of sexual violence have plagued many campuses for too long. As a profession, we are charged with fostering and supporting student learning and success. Sexual violence is an affront to human dignity and degrades safe campus learning environments for all. ACPA is committed to promoting student welfare, campus safety, and addressing issues of oppression which underline sexual violence.   

Open Call for ACPA member involvement:  The ACPA Governing Board seeks nominations, including self-nominations, to serve on ACPA’s Presidential Task Force on Sexual Violence in Higher Education.  

Thank you for your interest in the ACPA Presidential Task Force on Sexual Violence in Higher Education. The submission deadline has passed.