Title: Director of Student Engagement

College / University / Organization: University of St. Thomas, Minnesota

Position for which you are applying: Standing Committee on Men & Masculinities, Chair

In the space below, please describe your involvement with ACPA, including any leadership positions you have held

I have been involved in ACPA and the Standing Committee on Men and Masculinities (SCMM) since 2007.  I have had the opportunity to serve the committee and the broader association in a number of roles: 

SCMM Coordinator for Research & Scholarship 

  • SCMM Vice Chair for Marketing and Communications 

  • Conference on College Men Planning Team Member 

  • SCMM Vice Chair for Convention Programs 

  • SCMM Vice Chair for Special Projects 

  • Conference on College Men Co-Chair 

I have also had the opportunity to coordinate and present programs during annual convention on Men and Masculinities, including a convention institute on Masculinities in Student Affairs and a program on “Liberatory Approaches to Social Justice Work with College Men.”   

I have appreciated the opportunity to serve in these capacities and the relationships I’ve had the chance to build as a result.  ACPA and the SCMM have truly been a professional home. 

Please describe how you will work to advance ACPA’s Core Values if elected/appointed to this position.

If elected chair, I would seek to advance all of the ACPA Core values through a gendered and intersectional lens.  The Standing Committee on Men and Masculinities has done a lot of work over the last decade focusing on intersectionality, producing research and scholarship related to men and masculinities, and providing educational and professional development opportunities related to college men and masculinities from a feminist standpoint.  I would work with members of the SCMM in partnership with other commissions and standing committees to continue to advance this agenda.

After reviewing the qualifications of the position for which you are applying, please describe briefly below how you believe you meet each qualification. 

I believe that my past experience with the Standing Committee on Men and Masculinities has provided me with the opportunity to learn a great deal about the group, its promise and potential, as well as its challenges.  If elected chair, I would seek to advance the SCMM mission of providing educational and professional development opportunities for those interested in learning more about college men and masculinities and balancing that with mechanisms engage those who are more seasoned with the topic and work.

As a leader, how will you contribute to the work of the Association?

If elected chair, I would work to advance goals set forth by the association within the context of the Standing Committee on Men and Masculinities.  Currently this includes providing educational and professional development opportunities that advance practice and scholarship related to college men and masculinities.  My vision for the work of the SCMM includes:


Enhancing opportunities for contributions to research and scholarship, including partners with other entities on scholarship and exploring possibilities for creating a monograph related to effective practices with college men and masculinities. 
  • Developing a new position that focuses on member education. 

  • Exploring the possibility of creating and implementing of a practitioner in residence program. 

  • Exploring connections and opportunities with state, regional, and international entities to promote work around college men and masculinities.
  • Working with members of the committee and the association to develop, implement and sustain a clearing house for men & masculinities programs and practice in higher education. 

After reading the introductory statement about the ACPA Leader Selection Process, take a moment to reflect on your own experiences at the intersections of equity, inclusion and diversity. How will your experiences help you in our work to champion equity, inclusion and diversity within and outside the ACPA community?

My involvement in ACPA and my experiences as a doctoral student and professional at the University of St. Thomas have prepared me well to champion equity, inclusion and diversity.  As a longtime member of SCMM I have learned a great deal from the committee’s focus on intersectionality and the ways in which power, privilege and oppression shape, and are shaped by, gender and other dimensions of our identities.  As a doctoral student in leadership with a critical pedagogy emphasis, I have developed a more critical perspective about the ways in which our society has built structures that facilitate and maintain oppression.  These experiences have shaped how I approach my work in professional settings as an educator working to advance social justice, and would contribute significantly to how I would serve as chair of the Standing Committee on Men and Masculinities.