Coalition on Men and Masculinities

Grant Application and Guidelines

Purpose of Grant

The purpose of this grant is to provide funding and support for students, faculty and staff on college campuses in their efforts to promote men’s development.  The grant operates based upon the mission and goals of the Coalition on Men and Masculinities (CMM).


CMM Mission and Values 

The broad aim of the Coalition on Men & Masculinities is to promote men's development.

To accomplish this mission we:

  • seek to promote awareness of men's issues among men, women, and transgender individuals,

  • support men on campus in developing their  full potential,

  • encourage and support the creation and dissemination of knowledge about men’s development, multiple modes of masculinities, and the intersections of masculinities with other socially constructed identities,

  • challenge the current social paradigm that promotes a restricted vision of what it means to be a man, thereby limiting men in terms of their success and potential,

  • actively welcome individuals who are newer to exploring male gender role socialization and the myriad issues related to hegemonic masculinity,

  • welcome and actively develop successful partnerships and collaborative relationships with individuals and organizations working toward the same goals as the Coalition on Men & Masculinities,

  • create a space wherein members’ personal growth and exploration is supported along with our professional responsibility to educate, organize and participate in the work of Association at large, and

  • create meaningful partnerships with other Coalitions, Commissions and colleagues who are instrumental in furthering our collective understanding of how men’s development impacts our work as student affairs educators.


Application Deadline

Grants will be considered annually. The deadline for the current cycle is 8pm EST, June 16, 2017.


Grant Guidelines

  • CMM Grants are intended to fund research projects focused on promoting men’s development in a higher education setting. 

  • Grant amounts can vary but the maximum grant that will be awarded is $500.

  • Only current ACPA members are eligible to apply for and receive grant funding.

  • Grant-funded projects must be completed within one year of the funding notification. Selected projects may reapply for additional years of funding upon successful completion of first year goals and requirements.

  • Grant recipients must submit a mid-year project update and a final project summary and agree to be featured in CMM publications.

  • Upon completion of the project, grant recipients must present on their grant-funded project through the CMM Webinar Series. The deadline for the webinar presentation is one-year after receiving the grant.  

  • Grant recipients will also be given the opportunity to present a CMM sponsored program at the annual ACPA convention.

  • Grant recipients are expected to attend the annual convention if possible and submit a proposal about the funded project/paper for consideration at the convention.

  • Grant recipients agree to that the CMM has the right to share application materials in the process of reviewing or executing the grant.  


Application Process

  • Submit a written application that includes the criteria stated below to by 8pm EST, June 16, 2017.

  • Recipients have one year from notification of funding to complete projects. Extensions to the project timeline will be considered by written request to the CMM Grant Team on a case-by-case basis.

  • Be sure to include contact information for the grant applicant, including:  ACPA Member Name, ACPA member number, email, phone number, mailing address, job title, institution and department.


Grant Criteria

To be eligible for an award, an applicant must meet the following criteria. Projects should:

  • Be consistent with the ACPA mission, vision and values and CMM mission and goals (mentioned above).

  • Include a research project description that identifies an existing problem, challenge, or a needed area of support or education related to college men and masculinities.

  • Describe the project goals, significance and implications, as well as additional collaborators on the project.

  • Demonstrate a financial need for the grant, total amount requested, and a budget for the funds.

  • Articulate a plan for sustained implementation beyond the grant cycle.

  • Be completed within a one-year timeline (eligible to apply for additional funds in subsequent years).

  • Submissions should be no longer than five (5) word-processed, double-spaced pages, in 12-point font.


For more information contact Kyle Ashlee, CMM Vice-Chair for Research and Scholarship, at