Join IASAS and ACPA's Commission for Global Dimensions of Student Development for a series of webinars featuring speakers from around the world.

Each Webinar will address a topic critical to student affairs and services, including diversity of structures of student affairs in different regions and countries around the world, different roles and functions of students within student affairs and universities, focussed discussions on student housing and accommodations during COVID-19, social justice/responsibility through a global lens and many more.

The series will start in September 2020 and continues through February 2021 with approximately one Webinar each month. 

Upcoming Webinars

Webinar #3:

Exploring Social Responsibility & Issue of Inequity Around the Globe

So far 2020 has been an unprecedented year on many fronts, including global social outcries for greater equity and systemic societal change. Spanning half the globe (5 distinct regions), our virtual panel will explore how inequity presents differently around the world – framing the issues within a local context. Panelists will examine local barriers, organizational responses to social justice/social responsibility, and thoughts for the future. 

Join us to view diversity, equity, and inclusion from a different lens.

Wednesday, November 4th at 11 AM (EDT) / 4 PM (GMT)

A recording of the Webinar is posted at

Webinar #2:

Pathways to Student Affairs and Student Services Around the Globe

Join us in this upcoming webinar. We will take you around the globe to learn about pathways that student affairs practitioners and educators have taken in Mexico, the United Kingdom, China, the Philippines, and Saudi Arabia. Learn about their journeys, challenges faced, and opportunities glimpsed for the future. 

Tuesday, October 27th at 10 AM (EDT) / 2 PM (GMT)

A recording of the Webinar is posted at

Pathways to Student Affairs and Student Services Flyer


Webinar #1:

Student Housing and Accommodations during COVID-19 from around the World

This webinar invites four representatives from four different regions around the world to share their expertise, insight, and best practices. In this presentation, they will highlight their campus profile and needs, share operation and policy modifications in response to COVID-19, and recommend tips on how to lead and manage residential life and housing operation for Fall 2020/Spring2021. This webinar will increase the leadership competency within its participants, informing and encouraging others to find better solutions and support to the challenges we face. 

Wednesday, September 2nd at 11 AM (EDT) / 4 PM (GMT)

A recording of the Webinar is posted at