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Exploring the Roles of Student Affairs in Supporting Online Learners
6 April 2020 // 2:00 pm EDT // Cost: $10


Online learners represent roughly 22 percent of all students in colleges and universities in the United States, but students affairs tends to struggle with how to reach and serve these students. Through this informative learning session, participants will leave with action items they can use at their own institutions to better serve online learners. Connecting student affairs to online learners is especially poignant in the current context of leveraging resources in response to COVID-19.

Presented by:
Brian, Bourke, Ph.D., he/him/his, Murray State University

Virtual internships in the midst of COVID-19​
7 April 2020 // 1:00 pm EDT // Cost: $10


This webinar examines virtual internships as a partial solution to the sudden lack of internship opportunities that has arisen in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak. We argue for the expansion of virtual internship opportunities, focusing on the potential of virtual internships to create meaningful access to experiential learning for students. We provide insights on how to convert traditional in-person internships to virtual internships and generate virtual internships in the midst of the pandemic. We address implications for programming, including internship courses, that arise from the development of virtual internships. We conclude with ample time for a question and answer session from the audience.

Presented by:
Ian Baker, he/him/his, University of Michigan/Michigan State University
Matthew Yettaw, he/him/his, University of Michigan

Competencies: Social Justice and Inclusion (SJI);Technology (TECH)

Understanding Empathy as a Student Affairs Professional​
8 April 2020 // 1:00 pm EDT // Cost: $10


As student affairs professionals we are asked to understand and relate to our students, advocate for equitable and safe environments, and care for ourselves and others. Empathy is a catalyst for student affairs professionals to achieve all of these responsibilities. In this session participants will learn the process of practicing empathy, how to apply the model to their professional roles, and how to practice self-care through self-empathy. During this session we will also discuss how empathy can help us work towards fulfilling the ACPA and NASPA professional competencies and support us in the response to COVID-19.

Presented by:
McKenzie McNamara, Clemson University

Competencies: Advising and Supporting (A/S);Social Justice and Inclusion (SJI);Student Learning and Development (SLD)

Promoting First-Year Mental Health and Belonging: Impacts of Social Media​
13 April 2020 // 1:00 pm EDT // Cost: $10


First-year students, including students from marginalized populations, frequently experience mental health concerns in their transition to college. The pervasiveness of social media may exacerbate feelings of isolation rather than enhance a sense of belonging. Using findings from a qualitative study, we explore how social media use among first-year students affects perceptions of belonging and mental health. Participants will be presented with strategies for promoting belonging and mental health among first-years experiencing potentially negative impacts from social media, particularly as the social landscape continues to evolve for students during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Presented by:
Charlie Potts, Gustavus Adolphus College
Michael Stebleton, University of Minnesota

Competencies: Student Learning and Development (SLD);Technology (TECH)

Career Engage: Ensuring Career Readiness for Online Learners
14 April 2020 // 1:00 pm EDT // Cost: $10


One of the most popular topics encountered today is this notion of employability and career readiness. With the speed in which workforce needs are evolving, employers are looking for professionals that are prepared to make an impact from day one. However, employers are voicing concerns regarding skills gap issues they face when it comes time to hire. At FIU Online, we designed a comprehensive plan to get us thinking about how FIU could better serve our students and workforce. This session will focus on the development of our career readiness program and provide quick, actionable, measures for implementation at your institution.

Presented by:
Nico Rose, Florida International University
Emma Perez, Florida International University

Competencies: Advising and Supporting (A/S);Student Learning and Development (SLD)

Other Duties as Assigned: Reframing Responsibilities, Reclaiming Our Work
15 April 2020 // 1:00 pm EST // Cost: $10


We see it in just about every position description “and other duties as assigned.” Remember that course you had in graduate school about other duties as assigned? Neither do we! These additional responsibilities can overwhelm, cause stress and trauma, and dilute our commitment and motivation to do the real work. Come explore how narrative can aid us in taking a critical look at traditional modes of organization and power structures in order to (re)take ownership of our work, careers, and field.

Presented by:
Jim Breslin, Bellarmine University
Gabby Dixon, University of Central Florida
Chelsea McKendree, Bellarmine University
Alex Schmied, West Chester University

Competencies: Organizational and Human Resources (OHR);Personal and Ethical Foundations (PEF)

Mattering: Caring for the Whole Student in Online Learning Communities​
16 April 2020 // 1:00 pm EST // Cost: $10


In order to create effective, inclusive, and impactful online learning communities - both for curricular and co-curricular experiences - we need to serve the whole student. Fostering a sense of mattering should rest at the heart of our work. This session centers holistic student development as critical to the pursuit of creating dynamic online learning communities in which students not only feel acknowledged, but also feel essential. Participants will discuss key strategies and engage with presenters and each other via Q&A.

Presented by:
Graziella McCarron, George Mason University
Aoi Yamanaka, George Mason University

Competencies: Student Learning and Development (SLD);Technology (TECH)

How to do better: Supporting international students through social media
17 April 2020 // 1:00 pm EST // Cost: $10


Despite our students’ origins, the internet is a necessity of life. However, Student Affairs Professionals often project uniform ways of social media engagement across various student populations. The presenters aim to point out the differing social media usage habits of international students and how social media is enforcing (or impeding) their adaptation to the new environment. The presenters also suggest best practices for Student Affairs Professionals to advise and support international students via social media.

Presented by:
Ziren "Violet" Yin, Columbia University
Ziyu "Viva" Ye, Columbia University

Competencies: Social Justice and Inclusion (SJI);Technology (TECH)

Good as Hell: Strategies for a Successful (Virtual) Interviewing Experience
22 April 2020 // 1:00 pm EST // Cost: $10


Interviewing is a crucial component of any job search process, from graduate assistantships to senior-level roles. Virtual interviewing adds an additional layer of complexity to an often already stressful process, but there are ways to prepare and navigate those challenges! Through this interactive session, participants will examine ways to better prepare for interviews through deconstructing position descriptions and exploring various types of interview questions often utilized in higher education. Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions and engage in activities designed to enhance their own interviewing skills and story-telling focused responses. Participants from all experience levels are encouraged to attend.

Presented by:
Tara Milliken, University of Wisconsin - Madison

Competencies: Personal and Ethical Foundations (PEF); Values, Philosophy, and History (VPH)

Do It Yourself CAS Program Review
23 April 2020 // 1:00pm EDT // Cost: $10


Twin goals of assessment are accountability and program improvement. The CAS Standards are an essential tool for performing evaluations on your campus and can help you meet both of those goals. The standards can be used for a variety of evaluations including department review or assessing how a function is implemented across your division. During this session experienced users will provide step-by-step examples regarding how to implement different CAS standards for evaluation.

Presented by:
Martha Glass, Ph.D., Virginia Tech & Chair for the ACPA Commission for Assessment and Evaluation
Gavin Henning, Ph.D., New England College & CAS Past President
Dan Bureau, Ph.D., University of Memphis & CAS President
Ray V. Plaza, Ph.D., Santa Clara University & CAS ACPA Representative

Competencies: Assessment, Evaluation, and Research (AER)

Ubuntu: Incorporating Liberation Pedagogy to Go Beyond Day-Long Diversity Training
27 April 2020 // 1:00pm EDT // Cost: $10


Come learn how we used the Cycle of Liberation to develop a year-long curriculum for professional staff (inclusive of residence life, facilities, and business services) in Housing to enhance their competency. We will discuss Georgia State University’s Ubuntu program and how we have moved staff beyond building cultural competency and towards liberation using healing, social justice, and liberatory practices. Participants will learn how they can adapt their own programs to incorporate social justice and liberation.

Presented by:
Ashley Brown, she,her, hers, Georgia State University
Prithak Chowdhury, he, him, his, Georgia State University

Competencies: Social Justice and Inclusion (SJI); Organizational and Human Resources (OHR)

Mindful Leadership
30 April 2020 // 1:00pm EDT // Cost: $10


Mindful leaders are fully present to the realities of the world around us, our students and campus communities, and our own lives, emotions, experiences, and challenges. Mindful leadership is grounded in wisdom across spiritual traditions and affirmed by the latest neuroscience and psychological research. This webinar will explore foundational concepts of mindful leadership and engage participants in ways to apply and integrate mindful leadership into their day to day lives.

Presented by:
Keith E. Edwards, he, him, his, Speaker, Consultant, Coach

Competencies: Leadership (LEAD); Social Justice and Inclusion (SJI)

*FEATURED* Navigating Organizational Change in the Midst of COVID-19
1 May 2020 // 2:00-4:00pm EDT (2hr session) // Cost: $30


Change and transition is present in our lives and leadership roles now more than ever. This session will discuss the nature of change in higher education during COVID-19 and provide attendees with frameworks and tools to better manage and navigate transition and change during this dynamic period in higher education. Join us for a robust conversation and claim your role as a change agent in higher education.

Presented by:
Craig Elliott, he, him, his, Samuel Merritt University
Mamta Accapadi, she, her, hers, Rollins College

Competencies: Organizational and Human Resources (OHR); Leadership (LEAD)

Academic Advising: A Form of Artistry
5 May 2020 // 2:00pm EDT  // Cost: $10


We will explore how the Academic Advising team at Berklee College of Music implemented a new institution-wide advising model to support the timely graduation of our student population of emerging artists. This session is beneficial to professionals working with student artists as well as anyone working at specialized institutions. Strategies include: fostering cross campus partnerships, developing a student leadership program and executing a strategic outreach campaign.

Presented by:
Athina Chartelain, she, her, hers, Berklee College of Music
Hillary Booker, she, her, hers, Berklee College of Music

Competencies: Advising and Supporting (A/S); Stuent Learning and Development (SLD)

The Support Squad: Tips to Develop Interventions for Online Success
6 May 2020 // 1:00pm EDT // Cost: $10


The Support Squad are members of the Advising and Learning Support department who collaborate closely with Academic Leadership to provide proactive, strategic support for at-risk online students in high DFWI courses. This model of Intrusive Advising embeds support services into the online classroom, with the aim of developing the self-efficacy of students. Faculty collaborate with Learning Specialists to develop resources and timely intervention for students, while Advisors proactively respond to real-time feedback to coach students in danger of failing.

Presented by:
Courtney Bondi, she, her, hers, National Louis University
Reece McDevitt, he, they; National Louis University

Competencies: Advising and Supporting (A/S); Student Learning and Devleopment (SLD)

Actualizing the Strategic Imperative in Research Design
7 May 2020 // 1:00pm EDT // Cost: $10


Are you interested in connecting ACPA's Strategic Imperative on Racial Justice & Decolonization throughout your research design? This interactive session focuses on research methodology, "data" collection, analysis, and methods for reporting findings that reflect the goals of the Strategic Imperative for Racial Justice and Decolonization. Ideas for congruent approaches will be shared & discussed. Session organized & presented by Senior Scholars.

Presented by:
Penny Pasque, she, her, hers, The Ohio State University
Stephanie Waterman, she,her, hers University of Toronto

Competencies: Assessment, Evaluation, and Research (AER);Social Justice and Inclusion (SJI)

Identity Conscious Supervision
8 May 2020 // 1:00pm EDT // Cost: $10


Student Affairs professionals often supervise at some point in their career, but rarely receive training around supervision and management. Professional development often focuses on skill building in functional areas yet often ignores the lived experiences of bias and hostility in the workplace made even more apparent as we navigate COVID-19. This webinar will feature the authors of Identity-Conscious Supervision in Student Affairs, who will share their new conceptual framework for identity-conscious and intersectional supervision. This model gives practitioners a strategic approach to engage in self-work, identity exploration, relationship building, consciousness raising, trust development, and organizational change, ultimately helping practitioners become more adept at supervising people from a range of backgrounds and experiences. Audience: This webinar is open to individuals who supervise students, graduate staff, or professionals.

Presented by:
Robert Brown, he, him, his, Northwestern University
Shruti Desai, EdD, she, her, hers, Washington University in St. Louis
Craig Elliott, Ph.D., he, him, his, Samuel Merritt University

Competencies: Social Justice and Inclusion (SJI)

Centering Racial Justice and Decolonization within Strategic Planning
11 May 2020 // 1:00pm EDT // Cost: $10


This interactive session will explore how participants can use the Strategic Imperative for Racial Justice and Decolonization in their daily work, specifically within a strategic planning process to determine annual goals, resource allocation, and mission clarity. Learn and practice the critical components of both an inclusive process and product outcome while boldly centering racial justice and decolonization. Engage and seek to challenge structures and systems to pursue equity while you create, execute, and assess initiatives, programs, services, and spaces.

Presented by:
Brent Turner, he, him, his, Northwestern University

Competencies: Assessment, Evaluation, and Research (AER);Social Justice and Inclusion (SJI)

What Works: Building Environments For Students Emerging from Foster Care
12 May 2020 // 2:00pm EDT // Cost: $10


This presentation explores the structures and programs one university system is creating for college students emerging from foster care (CSEFC). The presentation includes assets common to CSEFC, an overview of systemic barriers, and the programs and structures colleges (2 and 4 year) use to support the matriculation, retention, progression, and graduation of CSEFC. This presentation, framed by student development and advocacy theories, looks beyond micro-level interventions and deficit perspectives ­to refocus on systemic structures that protect and support CSEFC.

Presented by:
Sarah E. Jones, she, her, hers, University of West Georgia

Competencies: Advising and Supporting (A/S); Social Justice and Inclusion (SJI)

Scholarly Resistance: Black Womyn Voices within the Digital Space
13 May 2020 // 1:00pm EDT // Cost: $10


Black Womyn within student affairs intersectionally support their students and institution. Through their intersectional identities, race, gender, class, and ethic of care is manifested. As they advocate for the needs of their students, mostly minority individuals, the women must be valued and supported. BLK Womyn Voices Podcast provides a platform for these lived experiences. This program will focus on the voices of Black womyn as they discuss the ways that digital outlets can be forms of scholarly resistance.

Presented by:
Dr. Kellie M. Dixon, she, her, hers, North Carolina A&T State University
Anne M. Edwards, she, her,hers, Northern Illinois University
Jasmine C. Lewis, she, her, hers, Harris-Stowe State University
Valerie J. Thompson, she, her, hers, Wichita State University

Competencies: Personal and Ethical Foundations (PEF); Social Justice and Inclusion (SJI)

Justice wasn’t built in a (Diversity) day: A Curricular Approach​
14 May 2020 // 1:00pm EDT // Cost: $10


Student affairs student staff are tasked with developing communities with students from increasingly diverse backgrounds. Rutgers University has begun to implement a diversity training curriculum to prepare student staff to build community in a socially just way. Diversity curriculums move beyond “diversity days” or single sessions to provide a tiered and cohesive learning experience through a resident assistant’s employment. This session will provide an overview of the Rutgers curriculum, areas of growth, and provide strategies for adaptation to your home campus. The content of this session can be applied to units outside of residence life and housing.

Presented by:
Darnell Thompson, he, him, his, Rutgers University - New Brunswick
Martin Petrella, he, him, his, Rutgers University - New Brunswick

Competencies: Social Justice and Inclusion (SJI); Student Learning and Development (SLD)

Creating a Path to Support Expecting & Parenting Students
18 May 2020 // 2:00pm EDT // Cost: $10
co-sponsored by the Commission for Two-Year Colleges and The Pan African Network


The journey of a parenting student comes with a unique set of realities and hats. This may have become more apparent as our campuses shifted for pandemic response. Join us for a session exploring a Community College Collaborative purposed to fill a gap for a vulnerable population – expecting & parenting students. We will highlight a campus-based program and efforts made to center on realities of this population, to provide tangible resources, and to create spaces for Parenting students to belong.

Presented by:
Monique Atherley, she/her/hers, LaGuardia Community College - CUNY

Competencies: Advising and Supporting (A/S);Social Justice and Inclusion (SJI)

Creating an Inclusive Learning Environment: Accessibility for Student Affairs Practitioners
20 May 2020 // 1:00pm EDT // Cost: $10


Thirty years after the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act, accessibility in higher education has never been more relevant. The current reality that higher education lives in requires an even keener eye towards prioritizing accessibility and disability-inclusion. This course will center on the ADA and its many influences on teaching and learning in higher education. Specifically, this course will focus on the application of the ADA and disability inclusion across higher education settings, working with faculty, staff, and students with disabilities, producing accessible communications, meetings, and events, and student success and learning-center programming.

Presented by:
Michael J. Kutnak, he, him, his, Queens University of Charlotte
Spencer Scruggs, Florida State University

Competencies: Social Justice and Inclusion (SJI);Student Learning and Development (SLD)

Academic Integrity: Creating a Preventative Education Campaign for Your Institution
21 May 2020 // 1:00pm EDT // Cost: $10


Academic integrity defines a university and is essential to the mission of education. This experiential session outlines national trends in academic integrity in higher education and provides an overview of best practices. It provides context of how Columbia University orients undergraduate students understand how to uphold integrity by drawing on cross-promotion of academic and campus resources. This session invites participants to engage in dialogue about academic integrity trends and create an action plan to form a preventative education campaign.

Presented by:
Victoria Malaney Brown, she, her, hers, Columbia College | Columbia Engineering

Competencies: Personal and Ethical Foundations (PEF);Values, Philosophy, and History (VPH)

Time, Place, Manner - New approach for developing supervision skills
27 May 2020 // 1:00pm EDT // Cost: $10


Understanding how to be a good supervisor is a challenging task for many. It can be even tougher when you don’t have good role models to reference or emulate. However, for those who aspire to move up within the profession, demonstrating strong and proficient supervisory skills are a must. So how can young professionals ascertain these skills on their own? This presentation proposes a method professionals new to supervision can implement to strengthen their abilities.

Presented by:
Emelia Dunston, she/her/hers, Vanderbilt University
Brenda McKenzie, she/her/hers, Vanderbilt University

Competencies: Advising and Supporting (A/S);Social Justice and Inclusion (SJI)