"The expectation of today's SSAO to lead, facilitate and inspire their campuses to behave more inclusively is critical. It is about today's college students as it is about today's children. Students deserve the right to be themselves at the college they choose but unfortunately, to achieve this, we still have a lot of work to do."

-Jake Diaz

"Student Affairs is the heart and soul of the University.  We teach, we serve, we inspire, we support.  To do so, means we must also replenish and celebrate each other to ensure that we can and will continue this noble work."

-Robin H. Holmes-Sullivan

“Join us to explore the challenges you face as a senior leader in our current climate, identify what is holding you back as an individual leader, and utilize proven frameworks to help you bring greater levels of humanity and stability to the institutional settings where you lead. Our students, staffs and profession are counting on you.”

-Patty Perillo

"It is responsibility of student affairs leaders to frame, or reframe, important issues that students face on the college campus. We need a deep understanding of students’ needs and desires, recognizing that they will vary depending upon many factors, including a student’s circumstances and identities. It has never been more important for student affairs leaders to advocate and lead thoughtful and responsible institutional change – structural, organizational and cultural – that results in a more inclusive and just climate for student learning. There are still too many barriers to success for many students on our campuses; equal access and opportunity remains among our most difficult challenges."

-Kent Porterfield