The Coalition for (Dis)Ability (CD) is one of six Coalitions apart of ACPA—College Students Educators International.  Formed in the year 2000, the CD was established to meet the needs of the following constituencies:

  • Student Affairs Professionals with disabilities
  • Disability Service Providers in Higher Education
  • Allies of people with disabilities in student affairs


Since the creation of the Coalition for (Dis)Ability, the following four primary goals have been held to high regard:

(1) To initiate, design, and select Convention programs and related services and activities that will inform the Association membership and provide people with disabilities with full and equal access to Convention activities;

(2) To regularly provide ACPA members with information about disability-related topics and best practices through articles in ACPA publications, including Developments, About Campus, Commission and Coalition newsletters, Association websites and other media;

(3) To educate ourselves and others not only about the physical and medical aspects of visible and nonvisible (HIV, LD, psychological, etc.) disability, but also about related aspects such as the cultural and political aspects of disability;

(4) To create a climate of opportunity for people with disabilities in higher education by supporting informed placement services for both candidates and employers.