Current Coalition Chairs

Coalition for Sexuality and Gender Identities

Olajiwon McCadney (2018-2020) Chair
Lebanon Valley College
[email protected]

Coalition for Multicultural Affairs

Jonathan McElderry, Chair 
Wake Forest University
[email protected]

Coalition for Women's Identities

Shanice Clarke (2018-2020) Co-Chair
Portland State University
[email protected]

Kelly Schrader (2018-2020) Co-Chair
University of Maryland
[email protected]

Coalition for (Dis)Ability

Spencer Scruggs (2019-2021) Chair
Florida State University
[email protected]

Coalition on Men & Masculinities

Cameron Beatty (2018-2020) Chair
Florida State University
[email protected]

Native American and Indigenous Coalition

Symphony Oxendine, Chair
University of North Carolina-Wilmington
oxendi[email protected]