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To join an ACPA Commission log into the ACPA Member Portal,click on the "Chatter" tab, then click on Groups. Search for the Commission(s) you wish to join, then click "Join Group" next to the Commission.  

Current Commission Chairs

Commission for Academic Affairs

Christina Wright Fields
[email protected]

Commission for Academic Support in Higher Education     

Julie Lynch
[email protected]        

Amanda Parkman
[email protected]                

Commission for Administrative Leadership            

Troy Seppelt
[email protected]                             

Commission for Admissions, Orientation & First Year Experience  

Brad Pulcini
[email protected]                            

Commission for Assessment & Evaluation              

Martha Glass
[email protected]

Commission for Campus Safety & Emergency Preparedness              

Jimmy Thren

Commission for Career Services            

Kacey Schaum
[email protected]                

Commission for Commuter Students & Adult Learners       

Meghan Woodward
[email protected]

Commission for Counseling & Psychological Services         

Lynne Reeder
[email protected]                              

Commission for Global Dimensions of Student Development

Yuezhong Zheng
[email protected]                                                            

Commission for Graduate & Professional Student Affairs

Laura Rademacher
[email protected]

Commission for Housing & Residential Life            

Claire Semer
[email protected]                    

Commission for Professional Preparation              

Sean Robinson
c.sean.[email protected]

Commission for Recreation, Athletics & Wellness

James Archibald
[email protected]

Commission for Social Justice Educators 

Brian Reece
[email protected]

Commission for Spirituality, Faith, Religion, and Meaning 

Steven Sajkich
[email protected]

Commission for Student Conduct & Legal Issues  

Jennifer McCary
[email protected]

Commission for Student Involvement       

Meredith Keating
[email protected]                           

Commission for Two-Year Colleges          

Will Cribby
[email protected]