Directorate Board Information

AOFYE is led by a Directorate Board which represents the knowledge, expertise, and interests of the professional fields represented by the Commission. AOFYE strives for diversity amongst its Directorate Board members, including cultural, geographical, institutional, and functional area and we desire representation to meet the needs of all of our constituency groups.

Directorate Board members are elected during the annual ACPA elections each November and serve a three-year term. Interested graduate students may apply for a one-year term and may reapply for the position the following year if still interested. To be eligible, candidates for Directorate Board positions must be members of ACPA, although they do not have to have previously been members of AOFYE.

Each Directorate Board member is expected to attend all Directorate sessions during the ACPA Annual Convention during their term in office; participate in monthly conference calls; serve on a sub-committee; and accept and complete all projects as determined by the Directorate Board.

If you are interested in applying to serve on the Directorate Board, please visit our Elections page or contact Brad Pulcini, Chair of the AOFYE Commission at [email protected].