As a higher education community we are called to be "celebrative," where there is rejoicing in what we accomplish and where we can be publicly proud of those accomplishments. Annually, hundreds of individuals are recognized through the ACPA Awards Program for significant achievements and contributions to the higher education community, the student affairs profession and to ACPA, its commissions, state and international divisions and coalitions.

ACPA is pleased to recognize the following 2014 Award winners for their many contributions.  Award recipients will be honored at the ACPA 2014 Annual Convention Awards Reception in Indianapolis, Indiana on Sunday, March 30th.

Association Award Recipients

Lifetime Achievement Award

Marcia Baxter Magolda, Miami University (Ohio)

Contribution to Knowledge

Shaun Harper, University of Pennsylvania

Presidential Citation

Ann M. Bowers, National Student Affairs Archives, Bowling Green State University

Esther Lloyd-Jones Professional Service

Patricia Perillo, Virginia Tech

Excellence in Practice

Beth Settje, University of Connecticut

Collaborative Excellence

Green Quad Community, University of South Carolina

Champion of Sustainability

International Service Learning and Leadership Exchange Program

Paul Robeson Campus Center – Clayton Walton
Office of Service Learning and Student Development, Rutgers University (New Jersey)

Voice of Inclusion Individual Award

Rebecca Lehman, University of Cincinnati

Voice of Inclusion Exemplary Program Award

Chinese Roommate LGBT Community Building Training Session for the Beijing Center for Chinese Studies, Loyola University Chicago (Illinois)

Senior Scholars

Debora Liddell, University of Iowa

Patrick Love, New York Institute of Technology

Raechelle Pope, University at Buffalo, State University of New York         

Sherry Watt, University of Iowa

Emerging Scholars

Matthew Johnson, Central Michigan University

V. Leilani Kupo, University of California at Davis

Chris Linder, University of Georgia

Georgianna Martin, The University of Southern Mississippi

David Perez, Miami University (Ohio)

OiYan Poon, Loyola University Chicago (Illinois)

Annuit Coeptis – Senior Professionals

Scott C. Brown, Colgate University (New York)

Gretchen J. Metzelaars, The Ohio State University

Thalia M. Mulvihill, Ball State University (Indiana)

Annuit Coeptis – Emerging Professionals

Gabriel J. Barela, Grinnell College (Iowa)

Suresh R. Mudragada, Macalester College (Minnesota)

Kira L. Pasquesi, University of Iowa

Sarah E. Schoper, Western Illinois University

Kristan Cilente Skendall, University of Maryland at College Park


Commission Award Recipients

Overall Distinguished Commission Award                                        

Commission for Student Involvement

Excellence in Innovation Award                                                        

Commission for Counseling and Psychological Services

Excellence in Programming and Professional Development Award  

Commission for Assessment and Evaluation

Excellence in Research and Scholarship Award                                 

Commission for Assessment and Evaluation

Excellent Contribution to ACPA Strategic Priorities Award              

Commission for Housing and Residence Life

Distinguished Commission Chair Award                                           

Jeannette Passmore

Distinguished Commission Directorate Member Award                   

Marilia Marien

Commission for Academic Support in Higher Education

Commitment to Excellence in Academic Support Award             

Marcy Marinelli

Innovative Academic Support Initiative Award                            

Jody Burke       

Outstanding Graduate Student Award                                        

Dana Malone

Outstanding New Professional Award                                       

Terrance Bradford

Commission for Administrative Leadership

Award for Excellence in Institutional Change                             

Kevin Stensberg, Mariel Goble, & Andrea Zhou

Distinguished Service to the Commission Award                        

Donald Walker

Outstanding Mid-Level Professional Award                               

Bryan Schlein

Outstanding New Professional Award                                       

Grace Harriett

Outstanding Senior Level Professional Award                            

Deb Casey


Commission for Admissions, Orientation and First Year Experience

Outstanding Collaborative Initiative Award                                 

Dale O’Neill

Outstanding Experienced Professional (5-10 Years) Award                     

Edward Wright

Outstanding Experienced Professional (11+ Years) Award                      

Michael Post

Outstanding New Professional Award                                       

Emily Krechel

Outstanding Program/Project Award                                        

Joanie Ly

Outstanding Undergraduate Student Award                               

Amanda Pickett


Commission for Career Services

Innovation Award                                                                    

Michelle Jones

Outstanding Directorate Member Award                                               

Ashleigh Brock

Rising Star Award                                                                     

Kevin Grubb & Jenny Sloop Johnson


Commission for Commuter Students and Adult Leaders

Commuter/Undergraduate Adult Learner Perspective by a Professional Award    

Emily Resnick

Outstanding Collaboration Award                                             

Stony Brook University

Outstanding Commuter Program Award                                     

University of Pittsburgh

Outstanding Undergraduate Adult Learner Program Award        

Stony Brook University


Commission for Counseling and Psychological Services

Dallum Graduate Student Research Award                                 

Janet Lydecker


Commission for Global Dimensions of Student Development

Outstanding International Program Award                                 

Kevin Stensberg, Mariel Goble, & Andrea Zhou

Service to the Commission and ACPA Award                            

Abed Jaradat

Service to the International Community Award                           

Richard Zereik


Commission for Graduate & Professional Student Affairs

Lehker Outstanding Student Advocate Award                            

Caroline Kingston


Commission for Housing & Residential Life

Excellence in Service Award                                                      

Greg Johnson

Excellence in Sustainability – Individual Award                           

Tonie Miyamoto

Excellence in Sustainability – Program Award                             

Katie Morrison

Outstanding Experienced (4-9 Years) Professional Award                       

Amber Fallucca

Outstanding Experienced (10+ Years) Professional Award                      

Scott M. Helfrich

Outstanding Graduate Student Award                                        

Clarissa Greguska

Outstanding Innovation Award                                                 

University of Delaware

Outstanding New Professional Award                                       

Siobahn May

Outstanding Undergraduate Student Award                               

Amanda Mouser


Commission for Professional Preparation

Burns B. Crookston Doctoral Research Award                           

Alison VonBergen-Wells

Faculty Research Grant                                                             

Susan Iversons

Gerald Saddlemire Masters Research Award                               

Carrie Klein

Nevitt Sanford Award                                                               

Ginny M. Jones

Roberta Christie Essay Award                                                   

Jessica Gunzburger


Commission for Recreation and Athletics

Distinguished Scholar Award                                                    

Scott Hirko

Outstanding Contribution to Recreation and Athletics Award      

Stacey Hall


Commission for Social Justice Educators

Commitment to Social Justice Educators Award                         

Macalester College

Exemplary Social Justice Contribution by a Graduate Student Award        

Iowa State Journal of Critical Thought and Praxis Editorial Board

Outstanding Social Justice Collaboration Award                          

New York University LGBTQ Center

Outstanding Social Justice Educator Award                                

Kathleen Cook


Commission for Student Conduct and Legal Issues

Award for Student Impact                                                         

Julianne Ohotnicky

Outstanding Service to the Commission Award                          

Lisa Evaneski

 Tracy R. Teele Memorial Award                                                 

John Lowery


Commission for Student Involvement

Outstanding Doctoral Level Graduate Student Award                 

Mark Torrez

Outstanding Master’s Level Graduate Student Award                  

Kristina Garcia

Outstanding Mid-Level Professional Award                               

Dale O’Neill

Outstanding New Professional Award                                       

Tyger Glauser

Outstanding Program Award                                                    

Sarah Hermsmeier

Outstanding Service to the Commission Award                          

Alicia Irwin


Commission for Two Year Colleges

Commission for Two Year Colleges Research Award                 

S. Mei-Yen Ireland

Innovative New Program Award                                                           

Lorrie Budd

New Professional at a Two Year College Award                         

Ashley Hixson


Coalition Award Recipients

Coalition Advocate Award                                                           

Jonathan Poullard

Kristan Cilente Skendall

Shaun Harper

Elisa Abes

Karen Myers

Heather Shea Gasser


Coalition for Graduate Students and New Professionals

Outstanding Dedication to Professional Service Award               

Julie Lynch

Outstanding Master’s Student Award                                         

Lindsay Greyerbiehl

Outstanding Mentor to Graduate Students Award                                  

Stephen John Quaye

Outstanding Mentor to New Professionals Award                                  

Catherine Dugan

Outstanding Doctoral Student Award                                        

Michael Bumbry           

Outstanding New Professional Award                                       

Kristin Lang


Coalition for LGBT Awareness

Public Service Award                                                                 

Maria Bonifacio

Research Recognition Award                                                     

Darris Means

Val DuMontier New Professional Award                                               

Jennifer Giblin


Coalition for Multicultural Affairs

Outstanding Contribution to Multicultural Education                  

Jonathan McElderry

Outstanding Graduate Student Award                                        

Shawna Patterson         

Outstanding New Professional Award                                       

Rita Zhang & Diontrey Thompson

PAN African Network Erica Holloman Award                           

Donna Lee

PAN African Network Outstanding Graduate Student Award     

Jonathan McElderry

PAN African Network Outstanding New Professional Award     

Tamara Howard


Coalition for Women

Jodie Castanza Outstanding Service Award                                 

Kerry Jones

Outstanding Emerging Professional Award                                

Becca Obergefell

Research and Scholarship Award                                                           

Ann Marie Klotz

Wise Woman Award                                                                 

Lori Patton Davis


Coalition on Disability

Disability Ally Award                                                                

Neal McKinney


Coalition on Men and Masculinities

Emerging Research Award                                                        

Michael Denton

Harry Canon Outstanding Professional Award                           

Brian Reed

Outstanding Graduate/New Professional Award                        

Kyle Martin

Outstanding Men’s Program Award                                          

Todd A. Bell National Resource Center on the African American Male

Outstanding Research Award                                                    

Darris Means & Donald Mitchell


State and International Division Award Recipients

Overall Outstanding State/International Division Award                     

Ohio College Personnel Association

Overall Outstanding State/International Division Leader Award        

Dr. Brenda Marina (Georgia CPA)

Overall Outstanding State/International Division Innovation Award  

Georgia College Personnel Association



Dr. Charles Donaldson Outstanding New Professional Award   

Catherine Burton

Mossie J. Richmond Jr. Outstanding Leadership Award              

David Mayes



Significant Research or Publication Award                                  

Erin Patchett & Jason Foster

Outstanding Commitment to CPAC Professional Growth Award           

Amy Moreno

Outstanding New Professional Award                                       

Amanda Koback

Outstanding Service to the Association Award                            

Christina Schwiderski

Distinguished Service to Higher Education Award                      

Daniel Gette

Outstanding Professional Award                                                           

Erin Hungerman

Outstanding Graduate Student Award                                        

Carrie Arnold



Award of Excellence                                                                 

Paul Jahr

Outstanding Doctoral Graduate Student Award                          

Vivia Hill-Silcott

Outstanding Student Learning Program Award                          

Kristen Betts

Peach of a Program Award                                                       

Kasey Robinson & Ryan Provost

Roger B. Winston Outstanding New Professional Award            

Shauna Nefos-Webb

Theodore K. Miller Outstanding Professional Service Award       

Nia Haydel



Outstanding New Professional Award                                       

Ashley Gutshall

Stephen H. Patterson Graduate Student Award                           

Patrick Englert

Dr. Michael Cuyjet Outstanding Graduate Student Award                       

Lindsay Peters

Dr. Fred Rhodes Outstanding Service Award                             

Timothy Moore



Dedication to Diversity Award                                                  

Jeffrey Abel

Dedication to the Association Award                                         

Candace Doane

Dedication to Professional Service (5-9 Years) Award                 

Alicia Jackson-Warren

Dedication to Professional Service (10+ Years) Award                

Mindi Levin

Innovative Program Award                                                       

Lena Kavaliauskas

Outstanding Emerging Professional Award                                

Andrees Rivers 

Outstanding Student Leader Award                                           

Annie Bolan

Outstanding Support Staff Professional Award                           

Janet Sigler



Access & Inclusion Award                                                        

Chris Haigh

Accomplished Leader Award                                                    

Lamar McClinton         

Graduate Student of the Year Award                                         

Kris Polk

New Professional of the Year Award                                         

Katie-Ann Mason

Outstanding Program of the Year Award                                              

Roger Williams University

Outstanding Service to MCPA Award                                        

Brandon Huggon



Excellence in Leadership Award                                                

Cheryl White

John Zaugra Outstanding Research/Publication Award               

Donald Mitchell Jr.

Outstanding Service Award                                                       

Shelly Seguin



New Professional Award                                                                      

Amy McLarren 

Professional Award                                                                  

Jesus “Sonny” Castro & Joseph Gilgour

Stephen H. Patterson Graduate Student Award                           

Abby Tribble


New York

Distinguished Service to Higher Education Award                                  

Kimberly Kline

Dr. Daniel Bratton Award                                                         

Amy Wilson

Meritorious Contribution as a New Professional Award              

Allyson Kocivar

Outstanding Contribution to Social Justice Award                                   

Malinda Smith

Outstanding Contribution to the Profession Award                    

Sandra Estanek

Outstanding Graduate Student Award                                        

Kianna Thomas

Outstanding Social Justice Innovation Award                             

Matthew Jasinski


North Carolina

Outstanding Committee Member Award                                               

Brittany McGarry

Outstanding Graduate Student Award                                        

Meredith Vaughn

Outstanding New Professional Award                                       

Julie Catanzarite            

Outstanding Professional Contribution Award                           

John Slade

Outstanding Service in Support of the Profession Award            

Steve Sullivan



Equity & Inclusion Award                                                         

Vorley Taylor

Gerald L. Saddlemire Mentor Award                                         

Vicka Bell-Robinson

Innovative Program Award                                                       

Kimberly Rhyan

Mark G. Noffsinger New Professional Award                            

Ardy Gonyer

Phillip A. Tripp Distinguished Service Award                              

John Berry

Robert F. Rodgers Graduate Student of the Year Award             

Elizabeth Walsh

Undergraduate Student Leader Award                                        

Haley Young



Outstanding Contribution to PCPA Award                                

David Greene & Amber Racchini

Outstanding Contribution to the Profession Award                    

Claudia Curry

Outstanding Graduate Student Award                                        

Sean McGowan

Outstanding New Professional Award                                       

Thomas Rainey

Dr. Ronald Lunardini Mentoring Award                                    

Kate Linder


South Carolina

Carol Edens-Epps Outstanding Graduate Student Award                       

Chelsea Mulhahn

Charles Witten Service Award                                                    

Brian Joyce

Clarice W. Johnson Outstanding Professional Award                  

Jason Cassidy

Harry B. Shucker Private Institution Award                                 

Presbyterian College

Paul P. Fidler Bridge Builder Award                                           

Jason Umfress

Walter T. Cox New Professional Award                                     

Harriett-Graham Courtney



Andrew Luptak Undergraduate Student Leader Award                

Melinda Daniels

Annabelle E. Wolf Award                                                         

Shelly Mumma

Daniel Siler Memorial Scholarship                                              

Yang Cha Thao

New Professional of the Year Award                                         

Chris Jorgenson

Nora McGuire Outstanding New Professional Award                

Emily Ascher

Program Award                                                                        

Amy Lloyd, Julie Sperstad & Andy Luptak

Randy Thrush WCPA Leadership Award                                               

Scott Seyforth

Support Staff Recognition Award                                                          

Elizabeth Appelt