Coalition for Sexuality and Gender Identities

CSGI Grants were developed in 2014 to provide funding and support to LGBTQA student organizations, or offices on college campuses in their efforts to provide LGBTQA awareness and educational opportunities through membership with ACPA College Student Educators International. The grants operate based upon the shared core values of the CSGI: Education, Advocacy, and Networking. 

Below is a history of grant recipients.  For more information on submitting a grant application, click here: 

Summer 2014, Kafele Khalfani, College of Staten Island,  New Student Programs & Residence Life, he/him/his

Fall 2014, Melissa Brannon, Columbia College, Student Activities, she/her/hers

Summer 2015, Cindy Ann Kilgo & Jodi Linley, University of Iowa, dept, they/them/theirs, she/her/hers

Fall 2015, Reginald Blockett, Indiana University, School of Education, he/him/his

Fall 2015, Bruce Clementsen, Linn-Benson Community College, Student Affairs, he/him/his

Summer 2016, C. Danielle Leffler & Michelle Clements, Indiana University Southeast, Career Development Center, she/her/hers, she/her/hers

Fall 2016, Steven Mobley, University of Alabama, Educational Leadership, Policy and Technology Studies, he/him/his

For more information, contact the CSGI Vice Chair for Advancement, at [email protected]