The Annuit Coeptis Award honors five emerging and three senior professionals at a dinner where there can be wide-ranging discussion and exchange about professional issues. These awards were created by ACPA (College Student Educators International) to celebrate the lives of Philip A. Tripp, Ursula Delworth, and Cynthia Johnson who dearly loved to challenge their contemporary and junior colleagues in a spirit of personal and professional sharing, good humor, and intellectual debate.

With the Long Beach convention going virtual for spring 2021 and the actual award being the “dinner” at the convention, we will not be accepting nominations for and awarding the Annuit Coeptis Emerging or Senior Professional recognition for 2021.  We will restart the award in 2021-2022.

2020 Recipients

Daniel W. Calhoun
Georgia Southern University

Jo Campbell
Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo

Jamie Washington
Washington Consulting Group