The call for Sponsored Programs for the 2020 Annual ACPA Convention in Nashville, TN !

If you have a program idea directly related to the strategic priorities of the CSGI (listed below), we invite you to indicate “Yes” to the Sponsored Program Option, and then choose the Coalition for Sexuality and Gender Identities. If you’re interested in becoming a program reviewer for the upcoming Convention, we invite you to join CSGI in reviewing the sponsored program submissions.

We are actively seeking programs that utilize the following elements and strategic priorities from both ACPA and the CSGI:

  • Reflect on their own positionality and role in social justice work within student affairs;
  • Educate and role model the value of racial justice and decolonization;
  • Engage the issues impacting higher education by applying our identified competencies;
  • Experience critical opportunities for learning and engagement through the creation and dissemination of knowledge within the curriculum;
  • Collaborate with the local communities of our respective host location; and
  • Centers racial justice and decolonization in queer scholarship, research, and practice

We are deeply committed to sponsoring programs that provide learning opportunities for those who work or are interested in queer work in higher education, or hope to work in a similar area. If your proposal is not selected to be sponsored by the CSGI, it will then be considered for the General Programs category. There is also a possibility your program could be co-sponsored by one or more ACPA entity groups. To submit a proposal, please visit the ACPA program proposal page. All program proposals are due by September 6, 2019.