The Commission for CSEP welcomes all ACPA members who are interested in increasing their knowledge and skill development in this area, as we believe that everyone has a role in the safety of students, faculty, and staff on our campuses.  Individuals working in the following areas may find particular benefits in joining: Housing and Residential Life, Campus Safety, Dean of Students, Risk Management, Faculty Members, Human Resources, Facilities and Operations, Student Unions, and Counseling Services.  We are very proud that we have recently been granted full Commission status with ACPA, and we would love to have you get more involved with our group!


Are you interested in getting more involved?  There are several ways to get involved:

  • Join our listserv!  This is an easy way to get connected with us, and you can receive emails and information, while also being able to pose any questions or share any information you have.  To join the CCSEP listerv:

    • Click HERE to logon to your ACPA profile.  

    • Click on "My Involvement," and then click on "Get More Involved."

    • Click on "Commission for Campus Safety and Emergency Preparedness," and then click on "Join Commission."

  • Follow us on Twitter at ACPA_CCSEP!

  • Come to our open meeting at the Annual Convention.  (2:30 - 3:30 PM on Friday, March 6 in the Tampa Convention Center Room 34)

  • Consider being a program reviewer for CCSEP sponsored programs.

  • Submit a program proposal for the annual convention and select to be considered for CCSEP sponsorship. (Click HERE for more information.)

  • Learn more about being a directorate member at the open meeting at the annual convention.

  • Write an article to be published in a CCSEP newsletter.

The Commission for Campus Safety and Emergency Preparedness is always looking for committee members to work with Directorate Members in the following areas:

  • Professional Development: Convention Sponsored Programs and other Professional Development Opportunities (webinars, dial-a-dialogue etc.)

  • Communications and Outreach: E-Newsletter, Blog, Social Media

  • Membership Recruitment

  • Research, Scholarship and Practice: Best Practices Clearing House, White papers, Original Research

  • Operations: Convention Showcase, Awards, Elections, Fundraising

Do you have more questions?  Or, are you still not sure how you might want to be involved?  Please contact us at [email protected]!