Professional Development Resources

Coalition for Disability Resource List

Disability Studies Educational Programs 

Curriculum Transformation and Disability (CTAD): Implementing Universal Design in Higher Education

Pedagogy and Student Services for Institutional Transformation

Information About Disability From ACPA Publications

ACPA Developments May 1998: On the Road To Access

ACPA Developments October 1998: Enhancing Diversity On Our Campuses: Colleagues with Disabilities (PDF)

ACPA Developments March 1999: Vote YES to Amend ACPA Article IX Bylaws: Perspectives from two ACPA members with disabilities (PDF)

ACPA Developments May 1999: You Get More Than You Pay For: Advantages of Hiring and Accommodating Student Affairs Professionals with Disabilities (PDF)

ACPA Developments February 2000: Disabilities Issues Featured at Convention 2000 (PDF)

Additional Disability Resources

ADA and Legal Issues

ADA National Network

Association on Higher Education and Disability (AHEAD)

Disabiility Rights Law Guide 

Assistive Technology

Equal Access to Software and Information

Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic 

Family Village

Trace Center resources

Employment Guidance and Opportunities

10 Tips for College Students with Disabilites

AAPD Internship and Fellowship Programs

Disabilites Studies Information

What is Disability Studies

Disability History

Disability Education for the Temporarily Able-Bodied

Accessible Web Page Principles (PDF)

Making Your Presentation Accessible to People With Disabilities (PDF)

Tips on Disability Issues, Effective Communication, Appropriate Language, Presenters, Barrier Free Campus, Job Hunters with Disabilities, and Disability Websites (PDF)

Allies for Inclusion: The Ability Exhibit 

Financial Aid for Students with Disabilities

Students with Disabilites Organizations

National Association of Blind Students

Sign Language Dictionary


Women's Issues

Gimp Girl

Women with Disabilites Education Program