ACPA Chapters & International Divisions provide:

  • Professional Development (Conferences, Drive-Ins, HED Talks, Webinars, Mentorship)
  • Career Networking (Resume Reviews, Mock Interviews, Job Boot Camps, Job Postings)
  • Access to Research & Scholarship (Publications, State Journals, Research Awards)
  • Leadership Opportunities (Board Roles, Conference Committees, Volunteerism)
  • National ACPA Pipeline (State members often advance to national leadership in ACPA)

Chapter Membership

Individuals who are interested in joining their local ACPA Chapter have the option to join just the Chapter, or ACPA and the Chapter. Learn more about ACPA membership options

Assembly Coordinator of International Divisions

Beverley Ellis, [email protected]

*To request ACPA materials for your conference or event please use this online form: Material Request Form

Active ACPA Chapters/International Divisions

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New England Log

If a state/region is not listed above, we currently do not have an active Chapter there. All it takes is a few interested professionals, so if you want to start a new Chapter of ACPA, please contact ACPA’s Coordinator of Chapters, Nicole Whitner [email protected]