Spencer Scruggs

Coalition Chair

Email: sescru01@gmail.com 

This is an official ACPA elected position with an official nomination process.  The chair provides leadership for the Coalition for (Dis)Ability and the CD Directorate. Requirements include at least mid-level manager; several years in ACPA; understanding of the organization; demonstrable leadership skills; knowledgeable of and experience with disability-related issues and programs; can provide information, understanding and representation on disability issues; can attend the national convention and summer leadership meeting.

Rory O'Neill Schmitt

Marketing Coordinator

Email: rvschmit@asu.edu
Operate and manage the CD social media outlets (e.g., Facebook and Twitter), order promotional items for the national conference, organize and coordinate the CD table at the national conference showcase. Works in cooperation with CD Directorate to assure consistency of information across publications.

Michael Kutnak

Budget & Fundraising Coordinator

Email: kutnak@vt.edu

Creates and manages new account information pertaining to the Coalition for (Dis)Ability’s budget, provide monthly statements to the Coalition for (Dis)Ability Chair, and develop fundraising opportunities to help the Coalition for (Dis)Ability supplement any costs pertaining to conference.

Dale O'Neill

Convention Access Chair

Email: dmoneill@loyno.edu 

The Access Coordinator is appointed by the ACPA President-Elect following consultation with the Coalition for (Dis)Ability (CD) Chair. As a member of the Convention Planning Team, the Access Coordinator assures equal access to all persons with disabilities attending the Convention. Coordinates the provision of accommodations for convention attendees via communication with ACPA members, National Office staff, Convention Planning Team members, convention facilities staff, and vendors. Must attend Summer Leadership Meeting, Convention Planning Meetings, and the annual Convention. First-hand knowledge of disability-related issues, concerns, access laws and accommodations is essential. Must be willing to comfortably share this first-hand knowledge in a manner that encourages other professionals to increase their own knowledge.

Trixie Ramoso

Membership Engagement Coordinator

Email: tramoso@gmail.com

The Membership Engagement Coordinator is responsible for developing and facilitating community-building and identity-focused engagement opportunities for members of the coalition. These engagement opportunities highlight the voices and narratives of college student educators and thought leaders with disabilities as well as encourage disability-focused equity and justice in higher education. Through the use of different mediums such as webinars, podcasts, and virtual panels, the Membership Engagement Coordinator furthers awareness of disability in higher education and promotes close connections between the coalition, its work, and its members.

Emily Akil

Website & Blog Coordinator

Email: Emily.Akil@miamioh.edu

Sends our regular correspondence to current members, help with recruitment efforts, act as the main contact for individuals who have questions regarding the CD, and assist with the national conference committee showcase.  

Maintains and updates the Coalition's website on a regular basis, including maintaining a website blog. Includes relevant links to research, articles and content. Updates on news within the Coalition and our areas of interest. 

Kennedy Nemeth

Convention Awards Coordinator

Email: kennedynemeth@gmail.com 

The Awards Coordinator works with the the Coalition for (Dis)Ability (CD) directorate to develop two or three awards presented by the CD to others for their leadership in building college and university environments that are more knowledgeable and supportive of students and staff with disabilities. In cooperation with others, the Awards Coordinator develops and executes a plan for publishing awards, criteria for consideration, deadlines, as well as a procedure for determining and notifying winners. Working closely with the ACPA National Awards Chair, the Awards Coordinator stays informed about existing ACPA Awards and determines the unique role of CD Award(s) within that structure, also insuring that the CD Awards are announced at the ACPA National Conference. 

In addition to overseeing the CD Awards, the Awards Coordinator also currently leads the Next Gen selection process in determining a candidate for the Coalition to sponsor.


Convention Program Selection Coordinator


The Coalition for (Dis)Ability (CD) Convention Program Coordinator coordinates and chairs the CD Program Review Team. The CD program Review Team selects programs to be sponsored by the CD at the annual convention. To accomplish this task, the Program Coordinator works with the Convention Planning Team and ACPA Commission and Coalition chairs to advertise CD interest in programs, which address disability. To select the programs to be sponsored, the Program Coordinator recruits and organizes a Program Review Team. This process begins at the annual convention and continues through e-mail until the Team consists of members representing as many of the constituencies of the CD as possible.

The Program Coordinator works with the Review Team to select sponsored programs within Convention deadlines. This requires the Coordinator to electronically review all proposed sponsored and co-sponsored program submissions and assign those programs for review to Team members. The Coordinator monitors Review Team member progress to ensure all program reviews are submitted in a timely fashion. Upon completion of program reviews, the Program Coordinator selects the programs based on the following criteria:

  1. Programs addressing the greatest current information needs of the CD constituencies 
  2. Programs providing important information to ACPA members about disability 
  3. Programs receiving the highest ratings for the Program Review Team.

The process might also include contact with other Committee and Commission Program Chairs/Coordinators for the purpose of selecting co-sponsored programs.

In addition, the Program Coordinator assures that the presenter(s) of each program selected by the CD are introduced at the time and place slated for that presenter's presentation at the Convention.

The Program Coordinator position requires skill in organizing the tasks and people within a small selection team, and ability to work swiftly within convention deadlines. It is essential that the Program Coordinator show strong attention to several detailed aspects of the selection process. Access to and familiarity with electronic mail and an electronic browser is essential due to online storage of selection materials.

Sarah Schoper

Research Coordinator

Email: sarahschoper@gmail.com

Organize at least one scholarly initiative each year.

  • Scholarly initiatives is defined as any activity that contributes to the advancement of knowledge and best practices when working with communities with disabilities within higher education (i.e., webnairs, community research projects, Developments series, presentations, recognition of scholarly work).

Oversee the Coalition for (Dis)Ability's grant process.

  • Oversee the grant application process.
  • Assemble a grant selection committee.
  • Advertise grants.
  • Notify grant applicants of the outcome.

Serve as a conference proposal review for research specific proposals. Submit an article to the Coalition for (Dis)Ability's newsletter each year. Attend the monthly Coalition for (Dis)Ability's conference calls. Attend ACPA annual convention and all Coalition for (Dis)Ability business meetings and events.