CMA is Currently Seeking to Fill Several Directorate Positions!

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Research & Scholarship Coordinator (2, 2-year positions)---

• Provides encouragement and promotion of scholarship relating to CMA and its constituency groups
• Chairs the Research and Scholarship Committee
• Provide information to the CMA membership regarding current scholarship
• Maintain connections with the CMA Scholar in Residence and ACPA outlets to contribute to scholarship
• Facilitate the development of relationships between Networks and Directorate members to support the collaboration on scholarship initiatives
• Inform CMA/ACPA members of the CMA research grants and solicit nominations
• Assists in the review and selection of the CMA research grants
• Serve as an advisor to the CMA membership regarding issues of writing, publishing, and scholarship
• Serve as member of the CMA Directorate

Historian (1, 2-year position)---

• Develops records of the history of CMA through the review of documents and interviews with former CMA officers, in order to have an accurate and permanent record of CMA
• Convenes a committee when necessary
• Coordinates the Diamond Honoree Programs consisting of the nomination and selection process; selecting the Ad Hoc Fundraising Committee, and organizing all communication relating to the program
• Collect pictures and other relevant information of CMA activities
• Serve as member of the CMA Directorate

Development Coordinator (3, 2-year positions)---

• Oversee major development projects for the benefit of making CMA a more viable organization
• Research and remain current in ACPA and field policies of practice
• Identify opportunities for fiscal growth, including the creation of high yield savings options, donors, and sponsorship
• Serve as a primary contact for donors and sponsors; provide ample follow-up and lead appreciation efforts
• Devise and update long-term strategic development campaigns
• Provide CMA Directorate with an annual development report
• Serve as member of the CMA Directorate
• Work with leadership/membership to develop annual and strategic fundraising goals (individual, programmatic, campaigns etc.)
• Lead annual and strategic fundraising efforts
• Train leadership and membership to engage in development initiatives
• Develop and maintain ongoing giving opportunities (i.e., online/portal)
• Maintain close relationship with CMA Past Chair and Chair to accurately track incoming donations/sponsorship and proper allocation of raised funds

Ad Hoc Special Events Coordinator (2, 2017 Convention-specific positions [1 year terms])---

• Assist in the development and implementation of both/either the POC Vigil and/or the Loving v. VA 50th Anniversary Commemoration Ceremony
• Work with the Special Events Coordinators to ensure alignment with traditional convention events (i.e., CultureFest, Step Show)
• Work closely with CMA Network Chairs to ensure the vision of each Network is appropriately applied to both events
• Provide CMA Chair with budgetary needs
• These positions are one-year commitments

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