About ISAN

The Indigenous Student Affairs Network (ISAN) is a new project started by the Native, Aboriginal, and Indigenous Coalition (NAIC), a network within ACPA, in fall 2017. ISAN's purpose is to create a professional home for folx who work in Indigenous Student Affairs (ISA) offices in higher education. The offices ISA folx work in go by many names, such as Native American Student Affairs, American Indian Student Services, etc., and typically focus on the retention of Indigenous college students. Based on the research by some members of NAIC, we have found that there is a great need for creating a home base and means of connection for student affairs educators who work in this field. It is our goal to create this space within ACPA to ensure ISA educators can communicate, collaborate, provide personal and professional support, create research and resources, and work towards the professionalization of the field in the ways that they see fit.

ACPA and NAIC firmly believe that reaching out to student affairs educators who work in ISA to introduce and welcome them to ACPA, as well as invite them to create a professional home within the association, would be a major step in the ACPA Strategic Imperative for Racial Justice and Decolonization (SIRJD) effort. SIRJD describes ACPA’s renewed focus on reducing the oppression of communities of color and Native Americans and to provide leading research and scholarship; tools for personal, professional, and career development; and innovative praxis opportunities for members that will actively inform and reshape higher education.


To our communities:

Our hearts are heavy with the tragic loss of George Floyd’s life due to action taken by members of the Minneapolis Police Department. This incident of injustice violates the basic human and civil rights of Black people in America and exposes once again systemic inequities that fail so many. NAIC and ISAN stand firmly in our values of diversity and inclusivity and denounce all forms of bigotry.

With many people experiencing complex and intense feelings of anger, fear, pain, grief, helplessness, loss, confusion, and exhaustion, we want to acknowledge, listen, and validate your experience. We see you. We hear you. We fight with you. Throughout history, Native and Black Americans have repeatedly experienced and challenged grave atrocities against our communities. We are ready to stand with you in solidarity. No lives matter until Black Lives Matter.

In solidarity,

Andy Reza - Chair Native, Aboriginal, and Indigenous Coalition

Cori Bazemore-James - Chair Indigenous Student Affairs Network