AOFYE Excellence Awards and Research Grant

Excellence Awards:
AOFYE annually recognizes the outstanding contributions of ACPA members in the areas of Admissions, Orientation, and First-Year Experience in the following categories

  • Outstanding Undergraduate Student Award
  • Outstanding Graduate Student Award
  • Outstanding New Professional Award
  • Outstanding Experienced Professional Awards (one for 5-10 years of full-time experience & another for 11+ years of full-time experience)
  • Outstanding Four-Year Institution Program/Initiative Award
  • Outstanding Two-Year Institution Program/Initiative Award

For specific information on the Excellence Awards, award criteria, and the selection process, click here.

Research Grant:
In collaboration with the National Resource Center for The First-Year Experience and Students in Transition, AOFYE annually sponsors a $750 research grant to promote original, descriptive, or evaluative research; philosophical studies; or institutional assessment or evaluation on issues surrounding Admissions, Orientation, and/or the First-Year Experience. Consider submitting a research proposal or serving as a peer reviewer for the grant. Look for more information about the grant selection process during the fall.

For specific information the grant selection process and guidelines, click here.