Welcome to the Commission for Academic Support in Higher Education!

Our Mission

To provide outreach, professional development, advocacy, and networking opportunities for student and academic affairs professionals interested in learning about and enhancing all aspects of academic support.  We conceptualize academic support to include academic advising; student academic transitions; academic preparedness; and developmental education among other forms of support.

Our Vision:

As a commission, we seek to - 

  • Promote best practices in academic support;

  • Provide multiple avenues for professional development throughout the year;

  • Provide up-to-date information about emerging trends and research in academic support;

  • Articulate and demonstrate the interconnectedness between student affairs and academic support; and,

  • Create a supportive community of academic support professionals within

Our History

The Commission for Academic Support in Higher Education was founded in March 1977 as the Commission for Learning Centers in Higher Education.  Back when ACPA used teh numerical system to note Commission names, we were Commission XVI.  Over the years of our existence, we gradually expanded our focus to include other functional areas that may fall under the heading of Academic Support, including academic advising, developmental education, tutoring programs, first year programs, living-learning communities, learning assistance programs, learning centers, and any others who view learning across academic and student affairs to be their primary functional area.  In July 1995, our name officially changed to "Academic Support in Higher Education."  During the late 2000's, the Commission was dormant within ACPA, but since then has been reinvigorated and has invested significant effort into providing ACPA members working in academic support with quality programming and professinal development opportunities.  In 2017, the Commissino will celebrate its 40th Anniversary at Convention in Columbus, Ohio (USA).  As a Commission, we believe that students and their academic success should receive active and effective support from student development and the academic community.


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