Welcome to the Commission for Administrative Leadership

Thank you for stopping by to learn more about the Commission for Administrative Leadership (CAL). We are thrilled to have your voice and energy in helping us support the mission of ACPA and the Commission for Administrative Leadership. Take the time to look through our pages and don't hesitate to tell us how you want to get involved today. 

Please contact us at [email protected] or connect with the members of our Directorate Body with questions or ideas.

Our Mission

The Commission for Administrative Leadership serves as the resource for senior level student affairs professionals and those who aspire to one day serve in such a role. The concept of leadership spans all functional areas, settings, and identities. As such, the Commission for Administrative Leadership creates an engaged and supportive community of senior level student affairs and higher education professionals committed to providing bold, transformative leadership for our association and profession.

Our Priorities

The Commission for Administrative Leadership is guided by these priorities for the 2020-2021 Commission year.

  • Finalize process for changes to the CAL mission and areas of focus with the ACPA Governing Board.

  • Formalize Senior Level Support Network structure and deliverables.

  • Consistently deliver updates and content to members through the CAL Newsletter.

  • Create a transition/continuity plan for the Directorate Body and the Commission as a whole given the disruption of COVID-19.

Approved September 2020, CAL Directorate Body 

Our Guiding Principles

  • Develop administrators as educators and leaders

  • Employ theory and best practices

  • Partner with academic affairs

  • Collaborate with commission and campus constituencies

  • Emphasize positive mentoring and role modeling

  • Provide training and development opportunities

  • Encourage relevant research

  • Recognize success within the commission and profession

  • Offer feedback to the ACPA leadership structure

Affirmed by the Commission April 2003; Commission Guiding Principles under review, July 2020