Welcome to the Senior-Level Community of Practice

With the transition from the Commission for Administrative Leadership to the Senior-Level Community of Practice, we have updates to make to our website!! Please come back often as we make changes and add new content.

Thank you for stopping by to learn more about the ACPA Senior-Level Community of Practice (SLCoP). We are thrilled to have your voice and energy in helping us support the mission of ACPA and the SLCoP. Take the time to look through our pages and don't hesitate to tell us how you want to get involved today. 

Please contact us at [email protected] or connect with the members of our Directorate Body with questions or ideas.

Our Mission

ACPA’s Senior-Level Community of Practice (SLCoP) engages senior-level higher education professionals through purposeful relationship building, identifying and collaborating around emerging issues in higher education, and creating and sharing signature professional development experiences.

Our Vision

ACPA’s Senior-Level Community of Practice is higher education’s most engaging, supportive, and connected community for senior-level colleagues across the profession.

Definition of Senior-Level Professional

ACPA’s Senior-Level Community of Practice (SLCoP) defines senior-level professionals as those who serve in senior roles by position title. Included are colleagues with titles from ‘Director,’ up to and encompassing top-level titles like, ‘Vice President,’ ‘Vice Chancellor,’ ‘Provost,’ and ‘President or Chancellor.’ Included are all higher education professionals who serve in the Senior Student Affairs Officer (SSAO) role, regardless of institutional title, institutional size, type, or structure. Additionally, SLCoP seeks to serve higher education colleagues who might self-identify as a senior professional based on years of service, regardless of their current position title or responsibilities. Although primarily focused on the needs of the aforementioned professionals, and in line with ACPA’s commitment to continuous professional development and personal growth, SLCoP welcomes all members of ACPA who are interested in our work and who might aspire to a senior-level role in higher education.

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