Welcome to the Commission for Administrative Leadership (CAL)

Thank you for stopping by the CAL homepage. We are thrilled to have your voice and energy in helping us support the mission of ACPA and the Commission for Administrative Leadership. Take the time to look through our pages and don't hesitate to tell us how you want to get involved today. 

Please contact us at [email protected] if you're interested in helping CAL out!

CAL Mission Statement

The Commission for Administrative Leadership (CAL) serves as a resource to student affairs professionals in all functional areas, settings, experience levels, and identities.  We contribute to the association in addressing cross- functional, current, and future issues in higher education, through programming, leadership development, and member engagement.

In support of the mission of ACPA, the Commission for Administrative Leadership is guided by the following priorities:

  • To promote a well-rounded, generalist approach within the student affairs profession.
  • To provide a forum for students affairs professionals to address emergent trends and issues in the profession.
  • To develop the capacity of student affairs professionals as leaders in the higher education landscape.
  • To promote student affairs professionals' use of tools grounded in research, professional competencies, and best practices.

Meet your CAL Leadership Team

Gwen Schimek


 [email protected]

 Troy Seppelt


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Matthew Gregory

 Vice Chair for Membership

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 PT Jones

 Vice Chair for Programs

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 Vice Chair for Communications