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► Looking for some summer reading? Check out the latest issue of About Campus, all about college mental health, hope, and well-being featuring CCAPS own Alan M. "Woody" Schwitzer!

CONGRATULATIONS, CCAPS which won the 2017 Excellence in Research and Scholarship Award!
The Excellence in Research and Scholarship Award is presented to the commission that demonstrates their contribution to furthering research and scholarship in their field.
In addition to the many peer reviewed publications that are produced by directorate and general body members each year, and the 20+ Continuing Education Units presented at the annual conference, this commission is now the host of the College Counseling and Psychological Services Knowledge Database.  This is a comprehensive database consists of a massive alphabetical annotated bibliography comprising all college counseling articles written from 1998-2013.  Individuals wishing to find any article related to college mental health can access the free database and search for articles by theme (e.g. career, substance abuse, retention, etc).

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Who We Are

ACPA'S Commission for Counseling and Psychological Services (CCAPS) provides a home for professionals and graduate students who are interested and involved in counseling and psychological services in higher education

Membership in ACPA provides a subscription to the Journal of College Student Development, an invitation to participate in annual conventions and placement opportunities, and representation on legislative matters that affect our profession.

Commission membership is FREE. CCAPS welcomes the involvement of any professional or graduate student who is interested in the services provided by college and university psychological service centers.

Mission and Goals

Our mission is to maintain the voice of helping professionals focused on serving college and university students in a mental health setting. Our goals include:

  • Promoting the aims and values of human development in community colleges, colleges, and universities.
  • Providing a forum and place for the exchange of ideas, innovations, research, and standards.
  • Increasing the representative voice of those traditionally underserved and ignored in society.
  • Encouraging interaction, support, and networking among all student affairs professionals .
  • Providing an opportunity for mental health professionals to become involved in participatory leadership.

CCAPS Research Knowledge Base

A new resource available to anyone interested in research related to counseling.  A massive alphabetical annotated bibliography comprising all college counseling articles, 1998-2013, from 5 literatures, plus separate bibliographies disaggregated for each literature (college counseling, counseling psychology, college health, college student development, & professional counseling)​.  The work of Alan M. "Woody" Schwitzer, Ph.D.  Click here to access the Knowledge Base.

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