Commission for Housing and Residential Life

Mission and Purpose

Residence halls are one of the primary settings for student development programs in colleges and universities. The Commission for Housing and Residential Life (CHRL) is one of the largest of ACPA's commissions and actively involves its members in meeting seven major objectives:

  1. To provide leadership to ACPA and the profession in general for student development in college residence halls.
  2. To identify issues of special concern and advise colleagues regarding these concerns through the support of research efforts, survey information, reports, position papers, and task force investigations.
  3. To communicate innovative ideas, special issues, problem resolution, and research information with a broad base of individuals throughout the country who are involved in residence education.
  4. To maintain a working relationship with other professional organizations, student associations, and other commissions, divisions, and agencies within ACPA that maintain similar or overlapping objectives.
  5. To cultivate professional development experiences through sponsoring and implementing convention programs and regional workshops.
  6. To assist in developing a set of professional standards for staff working in residence halls.
  7. To develop a plan and a process for evaluating the work and leadership of the Commission.

Commission Conversations

The voices of our membership are important. Join the discussion on our blog, Commission Conversations: Share with us your thoughts, feelings, good news and good ideas. We welcome your voices as we explore the challenges and triumphs of our colleagues in housing and residential life. And once you've explored that opportunity, please check out other opportunities to get involved with the association.

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ACPA Commission for Housing and Residential Life Research Grant 

The CHRL Research Grant will support research efforts that explore the impact of housing and residential life work on the student experience. All funded proposals will be expected to provide a brief post-project report after the completion of the project. The completion report should summarize assessment results and discussion on whether or not the project should be continued and, if so, how it could be made sustainable. Proposals should be submitted as a PDF document to Ann Schafer at [email protected]Click here for submission and evaluation criteria. 


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ACPA Commission for Housing and Residential Life Research Grant 

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