CGDSD Directorate members benefit from active involvement with a dynamic group of student affairs and services scholars and practitioners, representing a variety of functional areas, institutions, and jurisdictions. Involvement on the Directorate provides the opportunity for ongoing engagement with colleagues with a shared interest in international education and cross-cultural learning.

The Directorate Board consists of the following members: 

  • Chair: provides leadership and direction to the Directorate Board, serves as representative of the Commission
  • Chair-Elect: supports the Commission Chair
  • Past Chair: serves as resource to the Chair and ensures smooth transition of leadership of the Commission
  • Vice-Chair for Marketing and Media: oversees content development, production, and distribution of the Commission's e-newsletter and manages the Commission's social media
  • Vice-Chair(s) for Educational Programs: facilitate Webinars and other professional development opportunities throughout the year
  • Vice-Chair(s) for Sponsored Programs: oversees the process of recruiting and selecting sponsored programs for the ACPA Annual Convention
  • Faculty-in-Residence & Faculty-in-Residence-Elect: organize International Colloquium (pre-convention workshop at ACPA Annual Convention) and oversee research grant selection process
  • Awards Coordinator: oversee award selection process for commission-specific awards
  • Website Coordinator: manages and maintains Commission Website
  • Global Summit Coordinator: collaborates with IASAS to host an annual global student leader summit that brings together student leaders from around the world
  • ACPA Video on Demand Coordinator: recruits contributors and manages content for the international channel on ACPA Video on Demand
  • Blog Editor: recruit contributors and serves as editor of the Commission Blog
  • Member-at-Large: serves on the Directorate Board and assist with various Commission projects

For general questions, please e-mail us at [email protected]. If you have a specific question regarding an area of responsibility of one of the directorate board members, feel free to contact that member directly. Directorate members are elected to a three-year term by current CGDSD members. They exercise leadership for a specific portfolio within the Commission's mandate.

Yuezhong Zheng, M.A.


Program Coordinator
International Students and Scholars Center
Arizona State University
Pronounce: she/her/hers
Email the Chair

Yuezhong is currently a Program Coordinator for the International Students and Scholars Center at Arizona State University. Born and raised in Fuzhou, China, Yuezhong's passion for a quality international education led her to pursue her undergraduate study in the U.S. and later into the field of international higher education. She earned her Master's in Student Access & Success in Higher Education from the University of Michigan, where she worked as the Global Engagement Coordinator for Global Scholars Program, a living-learning community focusing on global social justice. Additionally, Yuezhong also gained professional experience from working at the Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS) at Rice University as well as an international summer program at Stanford University. 
Yuezhong believes that every student, regardless of their backgrounds, deserves an opportunity to see the world and experience other cultures. Therefore her goal is to make meaningful global learning more affordable and accessible for everyone. Before becoming the Chair, Yuezhong served as the Vice Chair for Sponsored Program and a General Member. 

Yuan Zhou

Chair Elect

Residence Director
University of San Francisco
Email the Chair-Elect 

Yuan is originally from Bangkok, Thailand with a strong Chinese family background. She is a double alumna from the University Dayton with a B.A. in Psychology and an M.S.E. in Higher Education Administration. Currently, she is working as the Residence Director at the University of the best city ever (University of San Francisco)! 
Yuan is a huge believer in putting theories into actions. She has a passion for diversity and inclusion work. For her, it is very important to get to know the people and listen to their stories. Yuan is also very involved in various national organizations addressing issues facing and celebrating accomplishments within the Asian American and the international communities in higher education.

Gudrun Nyunt Ph.D.

Past Chair

Visiting Assistant Professor in Higher Education
Department of Counseling, Adult and Higher Education
Northern Illinois University
Pronouns: she/her/hers
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Gudrun holds a Ph.D. in Student Affairs from the University of Maryland, College Park; a Master's in Higher Education and Student Affairs from the University of Connecticut; and a Bachelor in Journalism from the State University of New York at New Paltz. She currently serves as a Visiting Assistant Professor in Higher Education in the Department of Counseling, Adult and Higher Education at Northern Illinois University. Gudrun has prior work experience in research and academic affairs (University of Maryland, College Park) as well as 7-years of full-time professional work experience in Residence Life (Miami University, University of North Florida, University of Connecticut). 

Gudrun, originally from Bregenz, Austria, has always been interested in the global dimensions of student development and cross-cultural learning. Gudrun studied abroad in Cincinnati, OH, in high school and later returned as an international student to the U.S. Gudrun also served as a Resident Director for Semester at Sea in Fall 2012. Her scholarly work has focused on understanding ways in which educators can intentionally shape learning environments to promote students' development of intercultural maturity.

Kriti Gopal

Vice-Chair, Marketing and Media

Ph.D. Student, Educational Leadership
Central Michigan University
Email the Vice-Chair, Marketing and Media 


Kriti Gopal is currently a first year doctoral student in the Educational Leadership (with a focus on higher education) program at Central Michigan University. She is currently the vice co-chair for marketing, social media and membership. She holds a graduate assistantship within the Office of Community Engagement on campus. Her research interests include understanding international student experiences through persistence, retention, adjustment issues, intersectional identities and experiential learning through collegial experiences.   

Qian Yee Fam

Vice Chair, Sponsored Programs

Graduate Assistant, Office of Sustainability 
William and Mary College
Pronouns: she/her/hers

Email the Vice Chair, Sponsored Programs


Qian Yee (AKA Jenny) was born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She did her undergraduate studies at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and assisted in international programs and orientation for three years. She is passionate about international students' transition experience to a new culture and global leadership opportunities, which led her to further her studies at William & Mary (W&M) pursuing her Master's degree in Higher Education Administration. At W&M, she is the graduate assistant at the Office of Sustainability, facilitating various initiatives and collaborating with offices across campus to close the gap between environmental, social, and economic sustainability. She is also the Coordinator for the Virtual Conversation Partner Program at W&M Reves Center for International Studies, where she connects new incoming international students with domestic students to practice English conversation skills. Over the summer, she will be working at UC-Berkeley as an Assistant Residence Director for Summer Session, welcoming international students and create professional development opportunities for them. 


Jenny believes that every student should have access to quality education and abroad opportunity for intercultural experiences. She hopes to work with international students when she graduate, assisting them with their initial transition to prepare them for a successful future at the university.

Patty Witkowsky Ph.D.


Assistant Professor and SAHE Program Coordinator, Leadership, Research, and Foundations (LRF)
College of Education, University of Colorado-Colorado Springs

Patty is an Assistant Professor and the Program Coordinator for the Student Affairs in Higher Education program at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs. She received her Ph.D. in Higher Education and Student Affairs Leadership with a minor in Applied Statistics and Research Methods from the University of Northern Colorado, her M.A. in College Student Personnel from the University of Maryland, and her B.A. in Sociology from Occidental College. She held administrative positions in higher education for 12 years prior to beginning her career as a faculty member in areas such as new student orientation, student activities, student organizations, leadership programs, residence life and housing, career services, academic advising, and graduate student support. Her research focuses on the experience of graduate students in student affairs graduate preparation programs, student transitions, and leadership involvement.

Patty spent two years living and working in Japan teaching English. She has infused this experience and her passion for intercultural skill development while teaching and leading short-term study abroad courses, serving as a faculty affiliate for the Global Intercultural Research Center, and researching the influence of study abroad on student affairs professionals as well as the experience of U.S. trained student affairs professionals with professional experience abroad.

Chris Dietzel

Global Summit Coordinator

PhD student, McGill University
Research Assistant, IMPACTS Project
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Chris is a doctoral student at McGill University, studying sexual violence in LGBTQ+ communities and rape culture on dating apps. Chris also works as a research assistant on a grant titled IMPACTS: Collaborations to Address Sexual Violence on Campus, which is a seven-year research project that aims to address sexual violence on university campuses across Canada and internationally. 

Chris has worked in student affairs and student services for the past ten years, including at the University of Michigan (USA), Singapore University of Technology & Design (Singapore), and McGill University (Canada). Chris is pursuing a career in university education to offer meaningful experiences for students, to provide opportunities for leadership and personal development, and to advocate for safe, healthy, and consensual relationships. 

To learn more about Chris' work and research, click here

Ken Guan Ed.D.

ACPA Video on Demand Co-Chair

Assistant Residence Manager, Indiana University Bloomington (USA) 
Doctoral Candidate, Higher Education and Student Affairs (HESA)
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Jian (Ken) earned his doctorate in Higher Education specializing assessing and boosting institutional efforts to build culturally engaging environments, to support international and domestic undergraduate students in the U.S. His academic background, extensive overseas study, and work experience have all enabled him to serve as a bridge builder for people from many sectors. He left home (Harbin, China) at the age of 18, and has had 19 plus years of experience as an international student. He studied in England (English as a second language), Scotland (pathway program), Hawaii (undergraduate), Vermont (Master’s), Texas (undergraduate music program), Kansas (non-degree seeking), and Indiana (doctoral program). He started as an English learner in 1998 and earned his doctoral degree in 2017.​ He has served in various roles in higher education as an instructional consultant, residence life coordinator, and international student services and support coordinator. During this journey, he met his life time mentors and friends, who have had significant impact in his personal and professional development as a scholarly practitioner.

At the national level, Dr. Guan has chaired the committee that recognizes best practices worldwide in international education through NASPA. He also takes leadership role in the development of the International Channel through ACPA video on demand. He is 2018 ACPA national award recipient for his services to the international community. 

Cody Rosenbarker

ACPA Video on Demand Co-Chair

Sustainability Learning Coordinator
Dickinson College
Cody's drive for novel experiences and interpersonal connections has created a varied educational and professional background.  With a BA in French with Teaching Certification and a MS in College Student Personnel Counseling, Cody has lived, learned, and worked in Belgium, China, France, French Guiana, and Hong Kong.  This taught Cody to appreciate the experience, knowledge, and points of view of others as a valuable part of human diversity, and he is happy to be part of a community that sees the value as well.  

Bianca Chau

Blog Editor

International Student Success Coordinator
San Diego State University
E-mail the Blog Editor

Bianca recently received her M.A. in Higher Education Leadership from the University of San Diego and is currently working at San Diego State University as an International Student Success Coordinator. Her journey in global education started when she first studied in America as an exchange student and later working at an international school in Beijing, China. Having studied at international schools from an early age and coming from a Chinese-Japanese family, Bianca has always been interested in finding ways to bring people of different cultural backgrounds together. 
Bianca believes that story-telling empowers both the author and readers. As the blog editor, Bianca hopes to invite more people to share their stories on their wisdom, journey, and insights pertaining to global education!