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Race & Ethnicity

Media Resources:

Anti--Racist activist Tim Wise speaks on the system of institionalized white supremacy, how it works, and how it must not be a part of any movement for a democratic society.

  • Institutionalized racism in American society. Wise, Tim (2003) [MP3 recording]. Available here at
  • Skin deep. Reid, F., Wood, S., & Cahill, S. (1995). [1 videocassette (54 min.)]. Berkeley, CA: Iris Films.

A diverse group of college students reveal their honest feelings and attitudes about race and racism. Students are interviewed alone, and then discuss the issues in a group setting.

Eight North American men of different races talk together about how racism affects them.

In Los Angeles' Fairfax district, four households celebrate Thanksgiving amidst family tensions. In the Nguyen family, the children's acculturation and immigrant parents' fears collide. In the Avila family, Isabel's son has invited her estranged husband to their family dinner. Audrey and Ron Williams want to keep their own family's ruptures secret from Ron's visiting mother. In the Seelig household, Herb and Ruth are unwilling to discuss that their grown daughter is living with her lover, Carla.

Episode one explores how recent scientific discoveries have toppled the concept of biological race. Episode two questions the belief that race has always been with us. It traces the race concept to the European conquest of the Americas. Episode three focuses on how our institutions shape and create race.

  • The color of fear. Lee, M. W., Hunter, M., & Stir-Fry Productions. (1994). [1 videocassette (90 min.)]. Oakland, CA: Stir-Fry Productions.
  • What's cooking? Chadha, G., Chen, J., Margulies, J., Ruehl, M., Sedgwick, K., Woodard, A., et al. (2000). [1 videodisc (109 min.)]. [United States]: Trimark Home Video.
  • Race the power of an illusion. Pounder, C. C. H., Adelman, L., Herbes-Sommers, C., Strain, T. H., Smith, L. M., California Newsreel (Firm), et al. (2003). [1 videodisc (168 min.)]. San Francisco, Calif.: California Newsreel.

Books, Book Chapters, & Journal Articles:

  • Wijeyesinghe, C., & Jackson, B. W. (2001). New perspectives on racial identity development : a theoretical and practical anthology. New York: New York University Press.

    Decades have passed since our original theories of racial identity development were formed, bringing with them changes in our society and in our understandings of race and racism.

    New Perspectives on Racial Identity Development seeks to update these foundational models. The volume brings together leaders in the field to deepen, broaden, and reassess our understandings of racial identity development among Blacks, Latino/as, Asian Americans, American Indians, Whites, and multiracial people.