In celebration of our 50th anniversary, archived commission newsletters are available for your review.

Archived Newsletters:

Eleven Update – Volume 17, No. 12, Spring/Summer 2001

The Commuter Student

  • Remarks from the chair – Wilson Luna, Ed.D.
  • Conducting research on commuter students – Ken Rockensies
  • Book review:  Involving commuter students in learning – Stephanie M. Helms
  • Commuters and community colleges:  A natural partnership – Julie Owen
  • Milestones in community college history
  • 2001-2002 Commission Eleven goals

Eleven Update – Winter/Spring 2000

Graduate Preparation Programs in Student Affairs:  Challenges and Opportunities

  • Remarks from the Chair – Wilson Luna 
  • What challenges and opportunities are facing the two-year colleges in the new millennium? – Dr. Dorsey L. Kendrick
  • Developing the student affairs team in the community college – Marguerite M. Culp
  • Professional preparation for community college student affairs work:  Some observations – Steven R. Helfgot, Ed.D.
  • An appraisal of collaboration:  Assessing perception of chief academic and student affairs officers at public two-year colleges – Dr. Craig A. Kolins
  • How attractive are careers in the community college for graduate students? – Marguerite M. Culp
  • ACPA 2000 convention

Eleven Update – Volume 9, Number 1, Fall 1997

So…Just HOW Does This ‘Change’ Thing Work, Anyway?

  • Notes from the Chair – Dr. Susan Salvador 
  • Sheparding change:  Academic Integrity – Mary A. Olson
  • An emerging professional’s perspective on leadership – Margaret Collins
  • When change fails – Jack Becherer
  • Are you trying to get rid of my job? – Joe LeCluyse
  • What does change mean to Rio Salado? – Betty Elliott

Eleven Update – Volume 8, Number 2, Winter/Spring 1997

Hark!  What fine change is in the music

  • One last pitch…What not to miss in the windy city – Jennifer Wimbish 
  • Technology:  An agent for change in student development – Barbara aaaabeVier Burke
  • The evolution of student services – William H. Lindemann, Jr.
  • A context for thinking about change – Nancy Lombardi
  • Adapting human relations skill training for the workplace – Dr. Betty Tully
  • Restructuring for learning:  Opportunity amidst chaos – Robert C. Teaher
  • Planned organizational change in community colleges – Jennifer Wimbish


Eleven Update – Volume 8, Number 1, Fall 1996

“Killer App” or “Close…But No Cigar” The Student Learning Imperative:  Implications for Student Affairs Professionals

  • Commission XI directorate sets course in response to members’concerns – Jennifer Wimbish 
  • The Student Learning Imperative:  Implications for student affairs – Ray Turner
  • Academic and social integration – Wilson Luna
  • The Student Learning Imperative – Let’s get real! – Steven R. Helfgot
  • “The Student Learning Imperative” – A wake-up call for our profession – Linda Reisser, Ed.D.

Eleven Update – Volume 7, Number 3, Summer 1996

Two Heads are Better Than One! Partnerships – A Key to Student Success!

  • Five fabulous ideas from major speakers at our recent Baltimore convention – Jennifer Wimbish
  • A community college partnership between the community and the college?? – Charles E. Bowen
  • The “Magnolia Steel” partnership – Karen Robbins
  • Developing partnerships for diverse populations – Michael Khirallah
  • An overview of the Sanchez Bethune Sequoya transfer program – Emerson Sheff
  • The student development role in community college partnerships – Nicholas D. Gennet
  • The president has a new PET:  The President’s Emphasis on Transfer (PET) project – Steven R. Helfgot
  • Shotgun partnerships…Don’t be caught in target practice – Marguerite McGann Culp

Eleven Update – Volume 7, Number 2, Winter 1996

Face Your Tiger:  Technology and Student Development

  • Notes from the chair – Jennifer Wimbish
  • Ron Bleed, Maricopa info-tech vice chancellor, sees critical role for student service professionals – Mike Rooney
  • CRUISE-ing through registration – long lines scarce in Dallas – Barbara BeVier Burke
  • Results of “Big D” discussions
  • Interactive orientation at Fullerton is high tech and high “touch” – Ronald J. Steinke, Ed.D.
  • World-wide web breathes life into the internet monster – Mark Bultmann
  • Sinclair Community College uses technology to speed, customize student service
  • SAN – Technology for the twenty-first century – Nancy Bentley
  • On-ramps for dummies – Mark Bultmann

Eleven Update – Volume 7, Number 1, Fall 1995

Wanted – Student Development Champions

  • Notes from the chair – Jennifer Wimbish
  • Why do we need champions in student development? Jack & Janna Becherer
  • The development of freshman seminar at Middlesex Community College – Evelyn Clements
  • Student development champions:  An endangered species – Maggie Culp

Eleven Update – Summer 1995

  • From the chair – Maggie Culp
  • Annual report
  • Commission XI to co-sponsor national conference
  • Nominations open for commission XI directorate
  • ACPA commission XI directorate – 1994-1995
  • Overview of the program process
  • American College Personnel Association program proposal
  • 1996 convention headed to Baltimore

Eleven Update – Winter/Spring 1995

  • From the chair – Maggie Culp
  • Using the MBTI to increase the chances that students will succeed in the two-year college – Maggie Culp
  • Figure I – A type-based study skills model
  • Figure 2 – The Myers-Briggs and learning styles
  • Figure 3 – The Myers-Briggs and teaching styles
  • Commission XI elects ten new directorate members
  • Commission XI sponsored programs

Eleven Update – Fall 1994

  • From the chair – Maggie Culp
  • A survey of partnership opportunities in student services – Maggie Culp
  • ACPA responds favorably to commission XI resolutions
  • Commission XI programs at the 1995 ACPA convention
  • ACPA commission XI research award 1994-1995 application form
  • Nomination form – Commission XI directorate
  • ACPA commissions speakers bureau

Eleven Update – Spring/Summer 1994

  • From the chair – Maggie Culp
  • The student learning imperative
  • Hot off the press:  Indianapolis convention update
  • To be or not to be
  • American College Personnel Association Program proposal
  • End-of-the-year report
  • ACPA commission directorate

Eleven Update – Winter/Spring 1994

  • From the chair - Maggie Culp
  • Collaboration and inside out point of view – Steven R. Helfgot, Ed.D.
  • A focus on collaboration and cooperation:  Articulation as seen through the practitioner’s eye – Travis Spaulding, Ph.D.
  • Commission XI activities at the 1994 convention
  • ACPA commission directory
  • Your convention checklist

Eleven Update – Fall 1993

  • From the chair – Maggie Culp
  • How useful are language arts assessment tests? – John J. Stewart
  • Retention and persistence in the community college – Sandra L. Solon
  • Recruit new members, earn money for commission XI
  • Commission XI directorate nominations
  • What’s going on?
  • Indy ’94 – ACPA annual convention

Eleven Update – Summer 1993

  • A message from the chair – Nancy A. Tyler, Ph.D.
  • Winner of an ACPA award for programming
  • Summary of the commission XI directorate meeting
  • ACPA Commission XI directorate body – 1992-1993
  • ACPA program proposal
  • Summary of the commission XI open meeting
  • Look who’s coming to college:  Student affairs and the new majority
  • Let’s make Indianapolis a convention relevant to our needs
  • Career centers can make a difference – Mary Ellen Masterson

Eleven Update – Winter 1993

  • Greetings from the chair – Nancy A. Tyler, Ph.D.
  • Introducing the annual research issue – Maggie Culp
  • Outcomes assessment in community colleges – Mark von Destinon, Barbara Ganz, Michael Engs
  • Returning students and their family systems:  Support and retention – Nancy C. Morrison, Ph.D.
  • A comparison of intervention strategies for undecided college students – David L. Glaize, Ed.D., Marguerite M. Culp, Ed.D., William Irwin, M.Ed.
  • Enrolled student perceptions of mathematics skills assessment and course placement – John J. Stewart, Ph.D.
  • Enabling first generation community college students to achieve success – Ron Dooley, Darlene Thomas
  • Are community college counseling duties in agreement with institutional mission? – Kenneth M. Coll, Ph.D.
  • Pre-convention program - ACPA

Eleven Update – Summer 1992

  • Message from the chair – Nancy Tyler, Ph.D.
  • Commission XI wins award for publications
  • Commission XI student development in two year colleges 1991-1992 self study
  • Commission activities and goals ratings
  • Guidelines for ACPA commission XI research award
  • Program submission categories
  • ACPA commission XI directorate body