We invite YOU to write for our Commission Blog: 


Blog posts can cover a wide variety of topics, including:

  • cross-cultural learning initiatives (study abroad, global education curricula, initiatives that bring domestic and international populations together, etc.)
  • experiences and trends related to working with international students 
  • personal experiences of being a foreign-born professional working at a higher education institution outside their home country
  • experiences of working with student services from different countries
  • thought pieces on trends in international education

Nominate a Blogger

If you have a friend, a colleague, or a connection who might have an interesting experience or an insightful perspective to share, fill out this Nomination Form and we will reach out to them!

Author Guidelines:

Blog posts can range anywhere between 800-2,500 words. We encourage you to find ways to engage your audience in your blog post by for example including pictures (with a short description) and/or links to outside sources. We also ask that you include your headshot and a short bio, which we can add to the blog posts.

Blog posts should be submitted as a Word document, with pictures attached separately to the e-mail.

Cross-Posting with other ACPA Blogs: 

Blogs can be cross-posted on other entity group blogs (to increase readership), if they adhere to the guidelines of the other entity group and address a topic related to the other entity group. We are currently collaborating with the Commission for Social Justice Education on cross-posting blog posts. For information on their blog contribution guidelines, please go to: https://acpacsje.wordpress.com/contribute/

Questions and/or Submitting a Blog: 

For more information or to submit a blog post, please contact Bianca Chau at [email protected].