Coalition for Sexuality and Gender Identities

CSGI Election Bio Reviews for Directorate Applicants


Elections start on 11/18 and Close 11/26


The Equity Officer oversees the election process for the Voting Directorate positions.

  • Directorate members are not allowed any more than two consecutive terms on any level (levels are coordinator; director, vice chair, chair)
    • Even if an individual fills a vacant position in the middle of  a term, it is still considered serving the full year. For example, if someone is unable to complete their term and leaves in December, the individual who fills the position, is completing year one of a two year term.  
  • Call for nominations (formal application process) occurs no later than October each year. Application deadline is early to mid November and members vote for slated candidates in early to mid December.
  • Nominating committee is 3 non-returning DB members and 3 non-candidate general members (CSGI members who have never served on the directorate).
  • Nominating committee develops a list of two candidates for each open position.
  • Candidates forwarded for a vote are notified prior to the election process.
  • Elections will take place online prior to Convention. Voting is open to all current members of CSGI at the time of the election (early December).
  • All elected positions are to receive a majority vote from the membership in order to win election.
  • Individuals not passed on to a vote by nominating committee or individuals that do not win election will have option – in initial application process – to indicate willingness to accept appointed position.


Elected Directorate Members:  The Equity Officer will retain all applications until the next annual election/appointment cycle is complete.  The Equity Officer and the Chair will work with the specific Vice Chair to appoint a qualified individual to fill the vacancy for the remainder of the term.  If the Vice Chair needs to be filled, Equity Officer, Vice Chairs, and the Chair will fill that position.  Open positions are filled at the discretion of the appointing team.  A mid-term appointment does not count as one of the consecutive terms at level regardless of length of term they are filling.   

Appointed Directorate Members:  The chair can make non-voting Directorate appointments at anytime without approval of the Directorate.  These positions are limited to two consecutive terms.  A mid-term appointment DOES count as one of the consecutive terms at level regardless of length of term they are filling.  These positions include but are not limited to:

  • Equity Officer
  • Administration Coordinators (2)
  • Networking Coordinators (3)
  • Advancement Coordinators (2)
  • Equity Coordinator (1)

These members are expected to attend all Directorate meetings even though they are not voting members. The Chair & Equity Officer should make every effort to create a Directorate that is diverse.  It is particularly important to create a Directorate that is diverse in range of professional skills, gender identity, age, physical ability, ethnicity, sexual orientation, race, and any other aspect of identity.