2019 ACPA CSGI Identity Socials

CSGI will be hosting several different Identity Socials for folx to connect, network and build relationships with others. They will all take place in the Boston Marriott Copley from 7:00pm-8:30pm. The specific Identity Socials and locations are listed below:



Identity Socials | LGBTQ+ First Gen

Boston Marriott Copley | Grand Ballroom Salon B

Identity Socials | Trans/Genderqueer

Boston Marriott Copley | Wellesley

Identity Socials | Asexual and Aromantic

Boston Marriott Copley | Vineyard

Identity Socials | Bisexual, Pansexual, and Fluid

Boston Marriott Copley | Simmons

Identity Socials | Queer Womxn and Lesbian

Boston Marriott Copley | Grand Ballroom Salon C

Identity Socials | Queer and Transgender People of Color

Boston Marriott Copley | Suffolk