We know the amazing social justice work is taking place across student affairs functional areas so we want to reach out and extend our awards nominations process to all of ACPA. The Commission for Social Justice Education annually presents five awards at the annual ACPA Convention:

• Outstanding Social Justice Collaboration 
• Exemplary Social Justice Contribution by a Graduate Student 
• Innovative Response, Social Justice 
• Outstanding Social Justice Educator, Trainer, or Mentor. 
• Commitment to Social Justice Education

Take a moment to nominate someone who you believe deserves to be recognized, empowered, respected, admired, and valued for their continued commitment to social justice. Please submit your nomination on line today before November 1, 2019 by 5:00pm PST.

Please visit http://bit.ly/2Z2YaF7 for more information about the specific awards and directions to submit nominations!

Questions about the CSJE Awards? Contact Scott Burden at [email protected]

Past Awardees and Award Descriptions

Outstanding Social Justice Collaboration:

This award recognizes outstanding collaborative efforts between campus and community groups/offices/organizations, or committees/commissions of ACPA and/or other national associations. This award recognizes creative initiative taking in a collaborative partnership that addresses an issue of social justice on their campus or in their community, in a progressive and positive manner.

Past Winners
2006 - Social Justice Retreat, The University of Minnesota
2007 - World AIDS Day Observance, University of Nevada - Las Vegas
2008 - Ryan C. Holmes, LaSalle University
2009 - No Award
2010 - SEED (Seeking Educational Equity & Diversity) Program, University of Wisconsin - Madison
2011 - Growing Allies, The University of Michigan
2012 – Anthony “Tony” Jakubisin, University of California, San Diego 
2013 - Dr. Laura Finley, Barry University
2014 - NYU Diversity Student Affairs Team (NYU LGBTQ & NYU CMEP)
2015 - 
2016 - 
2017 - 
2018 - Ufuoma C. Abiola, University of Pennsylvania 
2019 - Duke University Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity, Center for Leadership Development and Social Action, and the Center for Multicultural Affairs

Exemplary Social Justice Contribution by a Graduate Student: 

This award honors a full-time graduate student that has demonstrated leadership and activism in social justice on campus and has role modeled the qualities of a positive change agent in their community.

Past Winners
2010 - Jordan West & Edward Smith, The Pennsylvania State University
2011 - Krystal Dains, Kent State University
2012 – Parker Hurley, University of North Carolina-Greensboro; Jennifer M. Garza, University of California, San Diego; The Womyn of Colour Network, Iowa State University 
2013 - Luis Player-Delgado, University of West Georgia
2014 - Iowa State Journal of Critical Thought and Praxis, Editorial Board
2015 - Justin Shreve, The University of North Carolina at Greensboro
2016 - Eric Carnaje, University of Vermont
2017 - 
2018 - Ashley Hornsby, University of Nebraska-Lincoln 
2019 - Jimmy Hamill, Lehigh University 

Innovative Response, Social Justice:

This award recognizes innovative educational, developmental or social action response to an issue of social justice on campus, and/or in the community at a local and global level. This award is intended to recognize recent events which have been implemented within the 12 months prior to convention (usually March-April).

Past Winners
2006 - Stop Hate March, University of Delaware
2007 - No Award
2008 - Campus Pride
2009 - No Award
2010 - No Award
2011 - Dawn Snyder, Victor Santana-Melgoza, and Willie Morgan, Oregon State University
2012 - Ohio U STARS, Ohio University 
2013 - No Award
2014 - No Award
2015 - University of Cincinnati Racial Awareness Program
2016 - 
2017 - 
2018 - Dr. Cesar Figueroa, UC San Diego - Earl Warren College
2019 - No award

Outstanding Social Justice Educator, Trainer, or Mentor:

This award recognizes an individual who is personally committed to social justice education and/or activism and is an outstanding educator, trainer, or mentor to other professionals or students in social activism. This award is different than the Voices of Inclusion Medallion which is given by the larger umbrella of ACPA and recognizes individuals who have shown leadership over five years on broader initiatives of diversity and interculturalism on their campuses.

Past Winners
2006 - Craig Almo, University of Maryland
2007 - Penny Rice, Iowa State University
2008 - Bernie Liang, University of Washington, Tacoma
2009 - Hind Mari, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
2010 - David E. Jones, University of Massachusetts, Lowell
2011 - Kris Bergbom, Assistant Director of Student Programs, Mount Holyoke College
2012 – Arian Bryant, Rutgers University 
2013 - Heather Shea Gasser, University of Idaho
2014 - Kathleen Cook, Residence Life University of Vermont
2015 - Heather Lou
2016 - Aeriel A. Ashlee, Ashlee Consulting & Miami University; Kyle Ashlee, Ashlee Consulting & Miami University 
2017 - 
2018 - Olajiwon K. McCadney, Lebanon Valley College
2019 - Dr. Anna L. Patton, North Carolina State University 

Commitment to Social Justice Education:

This award honors a group, department, or institution that has shown a commitment to social justice education and development, training, or programming.

Past Winners

2007 - Division of Student and Campus Life - The University of Vermont
2008 - The Elon Academy - Elon University
2009 - Samanta Lopez-University of Delaware 2008
2010 - No Award
2011 - No Award
2012 - SIU’s Social Justice Leadership Institute, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale
2013 - University of Arizona Department of Residence Life
2014 - Macalester College Student Life     
2015 - 
2016 - 
2017 - Women’s Resources and Research Center, University of California, Davis  
2018 - No award
2019 - GLBT Center at NC State University          

Commitment to the Commission (awarded bi-annually - no longer given out): 

Past Winners
2007 - Susan Stuart, Queensborough Community College
2009 - Keith Edwards, Macalester College
2011 - Stephani Bondi, Iowa State University
2013 - Brian Arao, UC Berkeley
2015 - 
2017 -
2018 - Dre Dominque
2019 - No award