ACPA-Commission for Social Justice Educators

The Commission for Social Justice Educators' mission is to provide a collaborative home for college student educators working in the areas of diversity and social justice education. ACPA has demonstrated a long-standing commitment to multiculturalism and social justice by actively supporting a diversity of ideas and identities within its membership and member institutions. This commission reinforces and focuses that commitment by providing a place for college student educators committed to a broad range of social justice issues to network; share knowledge, tools, and resources; collaborate across institutions and identities; and provide support. This Commission supports those working towards social justice and diversity issues across the wide spectrum of student affairs positions. The Commission also provides scholarship and other resources for college student educators working in multicultural and other diversity centers and offices on campus. The Commission for Social Justice Educators compliments the functional and identity support work being done in other Commissions and Coalitions, while providing a unique opportunity for creating partnerships across institutions and identities.


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