This resource is an annotated bibliography of the more essential resources in many areas of diversity and social justice practice and scholarship in student affairs. This resource has been narrowed from the volumes of excellent materials available based on the recommendations of respected leaders on these issues. We hope that this is a helpful and user-friendly way to gather recommendations for graduate students, faculty, trainers, presenters, or the just plain curious.

This is the first effort for this resource and we look forward to comments and feedback from colleagues like you to help make next year’s resource even better. If you have any comments or suggestions please submit them here.

Download the Complete Social Justice Resource Project (PDF) or browse the various sections of the resource below.

Social Group Identities:

Professional Practice Issues


Recommendations were received from many wise leaders in social justice in student affairs and higher education, including the Chairs of ACPA Standing Committees, faculty members, ACPA Past Presidents, and individuals with expertise and scholarship in specific areas.

Thanks to Paul NaglieriPatty Armfield, and Graziella Pagliarulo who compiled this resource as part of their graduate intern experience with the Beyond the Classroom Living & Learning Program at the University of Maryland.

Updated: May 2nd, 2004

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